Perfect Mix

We’re staying in downtown Puerto Vallarta right now, but pristine surf beaches are still only a short drive away. Lowe’s been wanting a cart for a while, so we hit the Home Depot, picked up some wheels and plywood, and built this. We’re in testing phase-one now, deciding what else … Read More

North of PV

North of Puerto Vallarta is a string of cool places. Lately we’ve just been popping around from one to another, playing, running errands, and hanging out with friends. Sayulita. I’m not sure what was cooking under there. Lo de Marcos. The kids pick up hundreds of mangos every day, and … Read More

Jumping the Shark

Has Sayulita jumped the shark?¬†Or was it just inevitable that our time there would come to an end? I don’t know, but after this visit, I’m not sure there will be any more. Three things happened this week. They always happen in threes, right? One, the kids’ bikes were stolen. … Read More

Semana Santa week

With the huge Semana Santa holiday on the way, the stores in town start filling their aisles floor-to-ceiling with cases of beer. To the point that it’s tough to get in the store to buy anything other than beer. In fact it’s tough to even get in the store as … Read More

Slow Roll in Sayulita

Life slows down a lot when we come to Sayulita. We have no pressing needs. There is no big box store to go buy stuff at. There is nowhere to drive off to. We go through the days with slow walks, playtime, food, surf, and sleep. That’s about it. If … Read More

Sayulita Daze

Today I was walking along the beach with the kids, headed for a surf/swim session, when it occurred to me once again what a great life this is. I said to them, “You guys, sometimes I feel so lucky for the life we live.” They asked why, and I told … Read More

From Maz to Sayulita

One last trip up to the lighthouse, and then it was time to say adios to Mazatlan. There seem to be more cats each time we go. Always well fed and watered by the locals that walk/run the path each day. We always come prepared as well. There are always … Read More

Days Slide By

Shredding waves daily. Ouest is currently our only surfer, but I think Lowe is going to come around here soon. I have to remind myself sometimes that he is a lot younger than her, despite the fact that he runs around with her all day trying to do whatever she … Read More