Texas Beach Life

Port Aransas beach. South Texas is not nearly as warm as you might think it would be—at least not if you grew up in Minnesota and assumed everything south of Iowa was tropical in the winter. Mexican air-conditioning. Only kids can manage to be hot in this weather. In Port … Read More

Small World

Chance encounters happen all the time as a traveler. You’re on the top of a pyramid and you spot someone wearing a t-shirt from your high-school, or you are at a beach bar and you recognize someone from grade school. Things like that. But this one was different. I was … Read More

Scranton and Then Some

Scranton! We finally made it to Scranton. Who hasn’t dreamed of visiting Scranton, even if for only a few hours? Well, dream no more. Steamtown Train Museum. Check. Lowe had to have a second order of tacos from this truck. We spotted this old beauty while driving down the road. … Read More

Route 6

Crossing Ohio I had to sort of wonder why a state would even want to build a turnpike. It takes a concerted effort to get off of it, and when you’re Ohio, most people are going to take the easy way out. It took some coaxing on our part to get … Read More

Lake Michigan

Because I was able to update our last blog post right away, from Chicago, a longtime Bum friend was able to get in touch and let us know that she had a beach cabin a hundred miles away, in Michigan, just sitting there empty during the week. We quickly changed plans and … Read More

For the Love of Pizza

Whenever we leave Minnesota we are bound for a coast. We never leave MN saying, “Let’s head to Kentucky for a spell.” It’s generally the West Coast, and once was the Gulf Coast, but this time it’s the East Coast. We’ve got a timetable for hitting New York, so for … Read More

Back At It

A new truck, a new adventure. It started today. We didn’t actually pack the truck until the night before, and were not too surprised when everything didn’t fit in there just the way we had hoped. It’s easy to overpack a truck when you’re bringing pretty much everything you own … Read More


We had hoped to be out to New York by Lowe’s birthday, as we had promised him cupcakes at the Statue of Liberty. Both kids are beyond excited over the Statue of Liberty. I hope it lives up to the hype. But, things happen, so instead of Lady Liberty, we … Read More

Freeze Plugs and Fairgrounds

Work and play, work and play. Even for us this can be a balancing act. Just in this one picture we can see a new clutch master cylinder and line, new battery, new valve cover gaskets, fresh paint, all new hoses, new plug wires, new air filter, new thermostat and … Read More

MN Miscellany

We’re here working on the truck, and just going about normal Minnesota summer life. I found a rubber worm and was able to get a good scream out of the kids with it. We were wandering around downtown North St. Paul, and popped into a junk/antique store where Lowe found these … Read More

Truck and Twins

Minnesota Twins

Overheated driving down the highway today. I’ve been bragging about how much cooler the engine has been running since I did all this engine work, so this caught me a little by surprise. I was stuck on the side of the road with no water, so I did the only … Read More


Tepui RTT on '68 International Travelall

Ali sold all of her jewelry. Wedding ring? Gone. Diamond earrings? Gone. Class rings? Gone. Miscellaneous bling? Gone. Gone. All gone. Not because we’re broke, but because she simply didn’t want it any longer. She can’t foresee herself ever wanting to wear expensive, flashy jewelry again. For thirteen years now that … Read More