Lunch stop outside of Biloxi. I really like the coast along here. The beach just goes on and on forever, all open and public. Beautiful homes on stilts line one side of the road, further back now, or new, as most of the front row’s older homes/mansions were leveled in Katrina. The casinos, as everywhere, are an eyesore, but beyond them it’s a very nice area. Not sure how much I’d like it in July, but I’ll take it in November.

nov24-1nov24-2nov24-3We were laughing that the kids could probably just walk to Mexico, the water is so shallow here in the Gulf. I was taking a couple pictures and then noticed a splash off to the left of the frame. I looked a little closer as the splashing moved towards the kids. About fifty yards out it was clear it was a feeding shark. Patrolling the waters with his fin cutting through like a knife. All right, kids, why don’t you come a little closer to shore?

nov24-5nov25-1nov25-2nov25-3nov25-4nov25-5We finally decided to put up the canopy that came with the Airstream. I’m not a big fan of these types of canopies—tying off tent poles always seems so rickety. And sure enough, after leaving for a couple hours we found all the poles on the ground and the fabric draped over the house. Granted, it was a pretty weak first effort as we didn’t really have any of the necessary ropes and stakes, but I really don’t think this thing will become a part of our life. Putting out the canopy on the Travco was one of the first things we did when we got somewhere because it took about fifteen seconds to set up and was nice and secure when it was done. Plus, who wants to carry around a stepladder to put up a canopy?



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  1. Too bad the canopy is a PITA. Bacause it looks very nice actually. And yes, please keep a safe distance between the kids and any type of fish with big teeth, creeps me out completely. I just love the gleam of the airstream…

  2. Is that splash in the photo the shark in question? Fantastic dedication to photography under pressure:)

    I can imagine you handled that calmly and serenely.

  3. We were in Biloxi years ago when hey had just opened the first casino and the old beach front homes were still there. I remember wondering what the casinos would do for/to the town.

    Love the picture of the Mother Daughter moment

    Mark and Cindy
    s/v Cream Puff

  4. So enjoy your gypsy life! Thank you over and over again! These are blessed days for your family. Looking forward to the tour of the completed airstream ❤️

  5. Yay disc golf! My husband plays in the PDGA (professional disc golf association). A fun and free sport.

  6. This post reminds me of a Jimmy Buffet song…

    Down around Biloxi
    Pretty girls are dancin’ in the sea
    They all look like sisters in the ocean
    The boy will fill his pail with salty water
    And the storms will blow from off towards New Orleans

    Sun shines on Biloxi
    Air is filled with vapors from the sea
    Boy will dig a pool beside the ocean
    He sees creatures from his dream underwater
    And the sun will set from off towards New Orleans

    1. I lived in Biloxi 1976 – 1980 which was pre-casinos. Back then Biloxi was a quiet military town, I was in the Air Force and working on the Hurricane Hunters and other aircraft. We where dirt poor and the beach gave us something free to do.

      I remember those beaches, the shallow waters and sailing small boats out of the SeaBee base in Gulfport for $1.50/hour. We ran aground on a sand bar over a mile offshore and the friend I was with lost his balance and fell overboard. Everything was alright though as the water was only waist deep and he didn’t get any salt water in his beer.

      Seeing your children in the water and white sand brings back memories of my two oldest being there at the same age as your two are now. I think the wife and I will be making a trip back to Biloxi this spring and ordering up a couple of Barqs root beers.

      And on last thing! We saw Jimmy Buffet there when he was just a talented nobody. He had a guitar case and a nap-sack next to the mic stand and bar stool while he sang for his dinner at a local steak place on Passroad. I remember his voice, the lad back lyrics and thinking “this guy’s good”.

      Thanks for taking me back to a simpler time and some good memories.


  7. I am sitting here and it is 28° outside. I like your kind of Christmas weather! But what is with the seat belts, the left one looks like it might not quite be in line. Possibly 1° off the 90°s 🙂

  8. My dad hated the canopy with poles. Kids or drunk neighbors were always tripping over the tiedown ropes and stakes. The wind would lift the canopy up and off the poles and the poles would come crashing down on someone’s head. Yeah, my childhood memory of a canopy on a camper is that thing on some other camper, not ours.

  9. Sounds like Biloxi is recovering. Good to hear it.

    Going back to my Westy days, Fiamma if memory serves, makes some of the best awnings. No muss, no fuss. They come in a variety of sizes to fit most anything.

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