Wanderer and OMentoring Combo Special

My entire adult life I’ve been a trader. You’d think that would make me really good at haggling for the best deal in all the little markets I’ve strolled through around the world—it doesn’t. But it does make me good at a couple of things. I can make money from anywhere—a beach, a boat, a motorhome—and I can manage the risk on that money so that I don’t ever find myself in the unfortunate position of having to exchange my wandering ways for a desk, and a commute.

Since 2015 I’ve been mentoring traders. I answer questions, I guide them through the maze of the financial markets, I teach them how to read stock charts, I make and share trades, I comment on other’s trade ideas, and I provide a welcoming and very united chat room for us to do all of this together throughout the trading day. The focus is on short-term trades using options for leverage. We have fun, we learn a lot from each other, and we trade. I don’t advertise my business anywhere outside of Bumfuzzle, which means all of my students come to me organically from a blog about travel, not a get-rich-quick finance blog. This is the underlying reason that we all enjoy it so much. One of the students posted this out of the blue the other night, and I thought it said a lot about the community we’ve created:

Hey gang- I just want to say that I really appreciate this group. Life takes me to different places and hands me interesting opportunities and I appreciate your company along the journey. I may not be sharing a lot sometimes, but your camaraderie is meaningful to me. The world is full of strangers. Your friendships are great and I hope you’re around for all the fun we’re going to have.

Recently, I also launched a weekly financial newsletter that focuses on longer-term trade setups. It’s a great compliment to what I’ve already been doing. My partner and I spend a lot of time searching for solid trades with good risk/reward, and we send out trade alerts when those hit. Then, each Sunday we recap the past week, and highlight some current trades that we see setting up.

My regular rate for OMentoring is $250 per month. Wanderer Financial is $795 per year, but while getting it off the ground we’re offering it at $595.

With the success of our newsletter launch, I realized that I’d really like to see as many of these new subscribers succeed at this as possible. It’s also in my best interest, obviously, that everyone do well. With that in mind I’m offering a special rate on OMentoring:

Anyone who signs up for the Wanderer Financial Newsletter can now join OMentoring for just $99 per month!



If you’ve already joined Wanderer, great, just click above to join OMentoring.
Also, while we can accept an unlimited amount of subscribers to Wanderer, I can only take on an additional 40 to OMentoring.


  • Weekly Newsletter containing market commentary, trade setups, and stories unique to a wandering trader’s lifestyle.
  • Market Commentary containing:
    • News Recaps – easy to understand, simplified review, of the global financial news.
    • Weekly trade setups – review of current trades, as well as potential trade setups that we are watching.
    • Simple, easy-to-understand charts with notes and explanations.
  • Real-time Trade Alerts delivered via email. Alerts include entry prices, exits, stop-losses, and percent of model portfolio allocated for trade.
  • Complete Web Access to our subscriber-only site which includes:
    • Access to a member-only Trading Resource Center
    • Access to all past newsletters
    • Current trade updates
    • Beginner to Advanced Lessons & Guides
  • Mobility. This is the perfect trading system for anyone who wants to actively generate income while living a mobile lifestyle. It’s ideal for:
    • Retirees
    • Full-time travelers/wanderers
    • Trading enthusiasts who don’t want to devote their entire day to researching the markets, but still want to be actively involved, taking control of their portfolios.
    • Anyone who wants to trade, but still find plenty of time to enjoy life!



  • One-on-One Mentoring – I’m available for questions via e-mail, the live chat, or direct message, any time.
  • Daily Live Chat
    • Ongoing discussion of the financial markets.
    • Tons of charts as we analyze our core group of stocks.
    • A like-minded, fun-loving, incredibly supportive group of traders who have all come here organically through Bumfuzzle.
  • Real-time Trade Alerts – If you are in the chat you’ll be there as it happens. If not, no worries, you’ll get an e-mail right away.
  • Complete Web Access –  The subscriber site contains over 100 blog posts covering just about any trading topic you can think of.
  • Expertise – I have spent my entire career trading the markets, and just about my entire adult life doing so from all over the world, from the trading floor, to boats, to motorhomes.