Don’t Do That. Or That. Or That.

We went out to a nearby pumpkin patch this morning. The kids have really been wanting to do this, so we waited until the grandparents could join in the fun. However, once we got to Lane Farm’s Pumpkin Patch I quickly discovered that the place did not want anybody to have any fun at all. There I found all that is wrong with America wrapped up into one acre.

I can’t recall ever being anywhere with so many “nos” and “do nots.” We were just at Hearst Castle where buzzers would sound off every time a Japanese tourist stepped on the Persian carpets, but that place was like a playground compared to the pumpkin patch.

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We still had fun, but it was the same fun we would have had even if Lane Farms hadn’t been so freaking lame as to hang signs on every surface of the “farm.”

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This is how Lowe enters the water—every single time. He’s awesome.

Oct18-15 Oct18-16

They both thought they were hilarious doing stunts on the merry-go-round.

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