Mazatlan Days

The past few days I’ve been working on some things in the morning while Ali takes the kids on excursions, or just hangs out at home. In the afternoons we tend to just hang out at the bus playing mud coffee, or lock Papa up in jail, or coloring, or whatever kids without a care in the world feel like doing. Pretty laid back.

The locals. Always on the hunt for gold.

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A while ago I referenced the battle the businesses along this stretch of coast are fighting against the ocean. You can see the rickety looking cement wall they’ve hastily constructed just beyond that that other wall that has busted right off as the sand it was built upon washed away. One good storm and all of this stuff will wash away once again.


I’m not sure why we even attempt family photos.


We hiked up to the lighthouse again. It’s always fun to see if the cat is still there. For what, three of four years now, every time we’ve hiked up here there has been a friendly white and tan cat hanging out at the halfway mark meowing for all the world to hear. Today there were a couple of gringos fawning over it, and worrying over it as well. You could tell they were debating amongst themselves whether to “save” this cat, or what they could do to help it. We told them it had been there for years, which seemed to put their minds at ease.

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Seriously. Family photos.

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