After our little debacle in Acapulco we were looking forward to getting to Cuernavaca. Visiting Acapulco would have to wait for winter, for now we needed to get back inland.

We got to town and started looking for the campground. We followed our directions but couldn’t see any sign of it. Gone. We had another one listed so we headed there instead. We pulled up out front of the gate and rang the bell. Closed. For years now we were told. But we were also told there was a campground just a couple of miles back down the road.

We drove along and as if by miracle I spotted a small sign tucked behind another. Camping. It turned out to be the one we were looking for in the first place. So yeah, occasionally a GPS could make life easier. Behind the gate we found a swimming pool, playground, and a couple acres of grass and trees. Phew.

July31-3 July31-1 July31-2

After a couple of days cooling off period we were ready to explore a couple of cities. We left the bus behind and made for Cuernavaca.

Aug01-1 Aug01-2 Aug01-3

Saturday afternoon at the cathedral the weddings run as if on an assembly line. It’s quite a sight to see.


What the…?

Aug01-5 Aug01-6

The first day of the rest of our lives.


The Robert Brady Museum was a welcome surprise. An Iowan who came from a wealthy family, he traveled the world collecting art and eventually settled here in Cuernavaca in an amazing house abutting the cathedral. Walking through the house all I could think was that if I had that kind of money this would not be a bad way at all of using it.

Aug01-8 Aug01-9

Walking past here Ouest asked, “If there is a Wonder Woman that isn’t too scary can I get it?”

Aug01-10 Aug02-1

Inside the Palacio de Cortes was a whole bunch of cool stuff: swords, guns, money, and Diego Rivera murals.

Aug02-2 Aug02-3 Aug02-4 Aug02-5 Aug02-6 Aug02-7 Aug02-8

We can never decide—straight-face or smiles.

Aug02-13 Aug02-9 Aug02-10 Aug02-11 Aug02-12 Aug02-15

Today the four of us were waiting for an elevator. Ali and I were talking about our plan for the afternoon when it arrived. The kids stepped in, but we were still talking about what we were doing and if I needed to run across the street to grab some lunch. As we were talking the elevator door closed with the kids inside. We hit the button, but it took off without us. We yelled to the kids to just stay on.

Ali jumped in the other elevator and started the chase while I stayed put and watched the kids’ elevator climb. To the top floor it went, then back down it started, stopping at four different floors before finally hitting the ground again. Ali was already back by this point.

The full elevator opened up and our kids came spilling out holding hands. Ouest was super close to tears, but held it together. Lowe stayed quiet. We told them we were sorry, and that they did a great job taking care of each other, and all the other proper parental words we could think of. Then I headed across the street while everyone else went up to the room.

As soon as they got to the room Lowe broke down.

“Are the police going to come and get us?” he asked through choked sobs.

“The police? No honey, everything is okay. It was just an accident. You guys did great. It’s all done now. It won’t happen again.”

“When Little Critter (kid’s book character) got lost the police took him away.”

“Oh, baby, Little Critter was lost at the mall and he couldn’t find his mama. But we weren’t lost. We found each other.”

He came around eventually, but man, kids are so sweet and innocent it pains me. You never know what is going through their minds.

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