Barn Find

Look what I found in an old pole barn today. Amazing that people have these sweet cars and just let them sit in a barn, isn’t it?

Actually, this is our one and only possession in the world that we have no intention of ever parting with. When we drove from Puerto Vallarta to Minnesota back in March of 2010—with a three-month-old Ouest—we had no idea that we wouldn’t be making another Porsche road trip for a very long time. This is really the sort of story that all people tell when reminiscing about why their old car became abandoned under a heap of lawn supply detritus in a forlorn shack at the back of the property. Life got in the way.

In our case a boat got in the way. Then winters got in the way. Then an old RV with only a few less curves came into the picture and, well, someday.

She looks exactly the same as the day we left her. Still beautiful. It was eight degrees below zero today, so I didn’t even entertain the idea of firing her up, and truth is, I probably shouldn’t until I tune her up anyway. I’m sure we’ll visit Minnesota in summer some year.

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