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Having a mentor is the best way to take big steps in any business. I had two mentors when I was starting out, and I credit them with getting me to the professional level, making a good living from trading. If you have been interested in learning to trade, or want to get your own trading over the hump, click here to learn more about what my students are doing.

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”What am I going to do with my life?” That one simple question—posed over too many pitchers of beer at our favorite downtown Chicago pizza place—had an answer that demanded action.

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Stepping into an unknowable future for a life of adventure takes courage, decisiveness, an unwavering belief in yourself, and the willingness to take 100% responsibility for the outcome.



Interested in what camera gear we use? It’s changed a lot over the years, from our first 1.3mp point-and-shoot, to today’s full-frame DSLR. Here’s the current set-up.

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