On Ice

Ice skating again. Ouest has really taken off. She’s into trying to do tricks now—spins and such. Lowe is getting better too. He’s running on his skates now, but still doesn’t quite have the balance down. He’s up for about thirty minutes on the ice before he’s ready to chill on the bench with a bag of Cheez-Its. Ouest would most likely stay all day if we would let her.

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As tough as she is, she is still just a little girl, and sometimes it hurts to fall down.

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Portland litter.

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Some people dig the Portland vintage scene—even if it means drafty windows—others do not. There is a definite push beginning to change the feel of the neighborhood around here right now. Houses are being torn down left and right.

Aug29 3

Lowe is sick. Spent the whole night coughing. The dog and him spent the wee hours of the morning taking in something called TuTiTu.

Aug30 1

The bus didn’t make it back to us before the long weekend. Bummer. When we get it back on Tuesday it will have a new rear main seal, a like new exhaust manifold, and new brakes all the way around. Really looking forward to having all that stuff done so we can move on once again. Southbound.

Brake Break

From Rockaway it was just a short hop back to Portland. Another Grammy visit. The bus brakes have gotten steadily worse...

Rockaway Beach

After leaving the kite festival we made a quick overnight stop in Astoria, hung out with friends there, and then zipped...

Kite Festival

Looking at the map one day I spotted in little red letters, Kite Museum. That sounded good enough to make it a...

Grays Harbor

Down along the coast we moved slowly through small towns, getting groceries in markets with one aisle. In Quinalt we...