Black Point


The most common scene around Bumfuzzle. High-school sweethearts. Securing food is a constant battle in the Bahamas. Finding out when the supply ship is coming in, and then making sure you are there right when the store opens again is the only way to get some fruits and vegetables. This … Read More

Calm Seas


This is how a six-year old drives his mama around in style—racing cap on. Live on the Margin authors, side-by-side again. Trying to decide which one to bring on the boat. Someone asked us the other day how we liked our stabilizers—well, the fact that we can jump rope while … Read More

Staniel Cay


We needed a couple things from civilization, so it was off to Staniel Cay to get them. We tried to get south one day, thinking the islands on our left would protect us from the nasty winds blowing in from the south-east, but they hardly helped. We popped back in … Read More

Shroud Cay


It’s fun when the kids get old enough that you can throw a ball as hard as you can at them and they laugh about it. Shroud Cay explorations up the tidal creeks. Seeing if they could sink in the quicksand. This is the winch cable that lifts the dinghy … Read More

Iguanas and Planes


Overheard from the kids’ room this morning: Lowe saying, “Gambling is easy!” Upon closer inspection we discovered Ouest running an illegal gambling hall. She had a dice game, a card game, and three-card-monte going on. She discovered too late that being a three-card-monte hustler takes practice, and lost all of … Read More

So Much Water

Highbourne Cay is a pretty typical Bahamas cay. Incredibly clear water, beautiful beach, and nothing else. There is a fancy marina resort around the corner where the giant yachts tie up, and the rest of us can get fuel and dump garbage for five bucks a bag (pro tip: bring … Read More

Highbourne Cay

After a few fun days at anchor off Chub Cay we took the one calm day in the forecast to make a run to Nassau, about the only place to hide out from the winds for the next week. Not where the kids wanted to be, and not where Ali … Read More

Chub Cay

We left Bimini with a bit of ugly weather surrounding us, but a forecast that seemed reasonable, with 10 knots of wind and a swell of just one foot. It’s about an 80 mile run over to Chub Cay, so we left after having dinner alongside the Sapona, and set … Read More

SS Sapona

We left Bimini with just a tiny sliver of a weather window, setting out for the nearby SS Sapona wreck in the rain. The Sapona is pretty awesome, sitting in just 15 feet of water, it’s easy to anchor right alongside. We jumped in and swam around it a bit. … Read More

South Bimini

We got over to South Bimini okay, but got pinned down here for a while with weather. Wind, wind, wind. This bay was well protected, shallow, and quiet. We hung out here quite a bit for the few days we were on the island. The kids enjoyed low tide. Plenty … Read More


We’re off. We quickly put Florida behind us. St. Augustine was a nice place to settle into a new boat, and the ICW was mostly fun, but we’ve had our fill of the States for a bit. Just like crossing the border back into Mexico, putting a few miles of … Read More


As far as boat bedrooms go, it’s pretty hard to beat the Grand Banks for two kids. They both love their room, and being able to sneak out through the back. At anchor in North Palm Beach. While we were here it became clear from watching the weather forecasts that … Read More