Cost to Drive the Americas


What’s an epic drive like this cost? Here is our answer. This is truly every penny we spent from start to finish. (figures in USD) 28 countries, 59,734 miles, 525 days on the road, and 371 nights spent in the bus 1958 Volkswagen Panelvan (restored) 13,600     engine, transmission, … Read More


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This is a breakdown of exactly what was involved in taking our ’58 VW bus through the borders of Central & South America in 2008/2009. Also included is shipping information between Panama and Colombia and from Argentina to Germany. U.S./Mexico Border We’ve been through a couple of them, but the … Read More

June 2009

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june 1 2009 : wroclaw, poland, europe I don’t usually write about current events since this website is really just a diary for Ali and I and twenty years from now I don’t think most things that seem newsworthy now will make a bit of difference then. But yesterday while … Read More