When I flipped on my computer last night I was met with a black screen and a steady beeping. My only thought, “Unbelievable.” I know I’m limping along with this computer at this point, but why does it always break down at the most inopportune times? Fortunately there is this … Read More

Me Miss You

Travel day. As a parent the days of doing a load of laundry at midnight, throwing the stuff from the dryer into a backpack, and leaving at five a.m. are over. Now our five a.m. wake-up requires days of planning that culminates the night before with a six p.m. bed … Read More


This Presidente beer case has gone a long way with us so we thought it was time to bring it aboard this Bumfuzzle. Now, check out Lowe surfing that thing.


My dad was in town this weekend so we spent some time over at his house where the leaves had piled up a foot deep. Clean-up had begun on them but the kids dove in and spread them around the yard again so it looked nice. It’s cold here and … Read More

Dinner Out

Out to dinner with the whole family. I remember when we used to look for restaurants with a lot of people in them because you figured that meant they had good food. Now we hope instead that the place is empty so our kids can use it as a playground … Read More


Really not a lot going on lately. Grandparents are at the lake, aunts are back to work, cousins at school, and we’re plugging away on a few last projects (i.e. anything that requires internet) before we gather ourselves up and head back to the boat next week. We did get … Read More


Friends of ours came out to see us today with their three-year-old girl. We thought sure the two of them would hit it off and disappear all afternoon into the playhouse or bury themselves with stuffed animals in the toy room. Instead they just sort of stared at each other … Read More

My Car

My car, my beautiful car. The Porsche has been sitting in a garage up here the past couple of years while we’ve been off running around without her. But still, when I uncovered her today, unhooked the battery tender, and pumped the gas relentlessly, she started right up. She ran … Read More

At the Cabin

One of these days I’m going to remember that any time we are invited to the family cabin for the weekend, it is a trap. Cabins are not restful places. They are neglected properties with a never-ending to-do list attached to the front door. Granted that’s not the case for … Read More


Today at the park we walked out to the end of a dock where three old local guys were standing around fishing; as they do every day I imagine. Right as we got there one of them said, “Oh, I got one. Come on over.” So we walked over as … Read More


We took the kids to a nearby farm today where the main goal I believe is to have you buy pumpkins, but outside are a bunch of goats and chickens milling about for anyone to go and have a poke at. That’s where I learned that it isn’t pumpkins they … Read More


Fall is a short season here in Minnesota so when we get days like today it is a good idea to get out and enjoy it. This morning Ouest and I went to a nearby park and wandered around through the woods for a while. She brought along a pink … Read More