Mazatlan Gold Coast

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After lunner today along the Gold Coast tourist section of town we took a walk inland through the neighborhoods. There is some money back there. There were a number of homes that took up entire city blocks as well as plenty of shabby little places tucked in and around corners. … Read More

New to Mexico?


Ali was on the bus with Ouest today when a gringo guy said to her, “You must have just gotten here.” “Why do you say that?” “Because you’re so white,” he replied indicating both her and Ouest. “No, we’ve been here a while.” “You must stay inside.” “We actually live … Read More

A Gift


Ali was taking Ouest out for her picnic today and asked where she wanted to go eat. “Aguafall.” Yeah, we call it a waterfall and she calls it an aguafall (though actually it is just a water fountain). Some of the Spanglish she invents is pretty unique but it makes … Read More

Silver and Gold

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There’s a small point of rocks at the beach that we normally go to and as the tide drops every day the locals roll up their sleeves and start digging underneath the rocks. I was curious so I asked one of them what he was looking for. “Plata y oro.” … Read More

Start to Finish


In case you’ve never noticed, when we post pictures we almost always just post them in the order they happened that day. Basically when I’m editing photos I start at the beginning, flip through and say, “That’s a nice one, I’ll number it 1. Oh look, there’s number 2.” So … Read More

Hopeless Air


There’s a pretty good north-west wind blowing through town right now, dragging some cool air down with it (I love that I live in a place where 79 degrees can be considered cool) and emptying the beaches of all but people with kids who just want to get outside and … Read More



We’ve been talking about hanging a swing up on deck for months, but for some reason just hadn’t done it. Then a couple of days ago the boat across the dock hung a hammock up on their deckā€”Ali saw it, the kids saw it, and just like that it was … Read More



A few days ago Ouest about broke our hearts when she saw her nose for the first time after the impetigo outbreak. Her eyes teared up immediately and she said, “Me no like my nose.” With an average kid this wouldn’t be such a hard thing to hear, but after … Read More

Keeping Inventory Low


We went to the park this afternoon and followed that up with lunner at some tiny little place a couple of blocks away. I ordered two quesadillas (have I ever mentioned that quesadillas are really nothing more than tacos with melted cheese in them?), judging by the cheap price I … Read More


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Gorgeous day today, so much so that I won’t even mention the screwed up morning in which both of the kids woke up at quarter to five and refused to go back to sleep. I won’t even mention it.

Mmmmm, Bacteria

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A few days ago Ouest woke up with a raw sore on her nose right smack dab where her hemangioma is/was. The next day it was even bigger, and again the next. It was concentrated on her hemangioma and we began to freak out. Hemangiomas can ulcerate, causing excruciating pain … Read More

We Live at the Beach

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Anywhere you go right now you’ll find Pepsi bottles with a bright yellow cap indicating that it is part of some game/promotion. The thing is, when you win, those same stores that are selling the game-pieced bottles of soda won’t accept them. I’ve got a cap with an instant winner … Read More