It’s a Sailboat, Sail It


All right, it’s been two days—where do I start? Well I don’t really know. After a few hours, reading e-mail, talking to friends, I came to a conclusion: the head gasket is blown and the cause of the overheating that caused it was the Bar’s Head Gasket Repair that I … Read More



I was ready to go yesterday by about 2:00. The boat was ready and I was just unhooking the shore power when a gust of wind hit me. I stopped, looked up, and suddenly twenty knots was blowing white caps through the marina. The runways at San Carlos Marina are … Read More



Man, that day did not go as planned. It started off well enough. I picked up the fish—yay! Still alive. I can’t believe it. This is how you transport a fish on a Mexican bus. Then I got back to work on the engine. A while back I noticed that … Read More

Alone in Mexico


I kissed Ali and the kids goodbye and walked into the airport at eight o’clock in the morning. I finally reached the boat at six the next morning. Nobody said flying to Tucson and hopping a bus to Mexico was an efficient choice. But it did turn out to be … Read More

Gearing Up


Ouest, Grammy, and I went off to the rink again today. Another month and I’d have her tearing up the ice. That will have to wait until another time though as I am gearing up for my return to Bumfuzzle tomorrow. I’m headed back to San Carlos with loads of … Read More

Family and Friends


Haircut complete. For some reason she has absolutely no qualms about letting Ali cut her hair. Ouest got the thrill of the month when her cousins (actually my cousin’s kids) showed up for an afternoon of fun. Oh how I wish those girls lived right down the street from Grandma … Read More



This is about it around here right now. Spending time luxuriating in the grass (Mexico often appears to be completely devoid of green grass), eating popsicles, and hanging out with good friends. Somehow, despite having only spent a grand total of a few months in Portland over the years this … Read More

On Ice


I was six when I convinced my parents to let me play hockey. And for the next twelve years hockey was pretty much my life. I was good enough to be All-Conference and to talk to a couple of Junior A coaches about playing for them in Small Town, Iowa, … Read More

Just a Trim


We brought our camera in for a cleaning and check-up (just like going to the dentist) and have now felt completely naked and uninterested in my surroundings for 36 hours. Will have it back in the morning just in time to document a trip to the library. Phew. Not much … Read More

Ice Cream and…


I can’t honestly say what our days have been filled up with lately—but somehow we find ourselves just like retirees who say they don’t know how they ever had time to work. Our days are full. Full of nonsense and play, but full nonetheless. “Hey you two, look over here.” … Read More



I hate to say it, but I don’t think I’d be able to continue blogging for very long if we were to settle down. Without that twinge of uniqueness that I get from our every day life while out traveling—even when a day consists of nothing more than going to … Read More