San Juan La Laguna

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A quiet day at the lake. Up above the town of San Juan La Laguna is a short hike to a nice mirador looking out over Lake Atitlan. On the way up we had a nice view of Indian Nose across the valley. Back in town we saw these two … Read More

San Marcos


Sunrises over Lake Atitlan have been pretty dramatic. The view from the bedroom porch is fantastic. I think I’ll always prefer ocean views, but mix a big lake in with mountains and volcanoes and we’ve got a pretty good combination going. We headed across the lake to San Marcos, one … Read More

Santiago Atitlan


Lowe spotted a ball floating in the muck and just had to have it. It was half deflated, but that didn’t matter, it became the main toy for a week. Dogs are everywhere you look around Lake Atitlan. Ali is raising a bit of money for the great people from … Read More

Volcan San Pedro


Hiking Volcano San Pedro seemed like it would be a fun way to spend the day, and it was. We really enjoyed having Chavo around for a couple of weeks, and were very happy to be able to send him off to a new life in a loving home instead … Read More

Lake Atitlan


Settling in at our San Pedro house above Lake Atitlan for a few days. Tuk tuks and wandering around town for our first day while we get acquainted with our new surroundings. Not a bad spot to get a little work done.

Adiós Chavo


Somehow it’s always the sweetest dogs that attach themselves to us on the streets. Chavo is about as quiet and gentle as a dog can get. We loved having him around, but were okay with saying goodbye as well. When he first followed Ali and the kids (remember I had … Read More

Postcards from Antigua


The patio gets a little slimy after a few days when there is some rain, so Lowe took it upon himself to get out there and give it a scrub. It’s funny, we always feel like we are rough on places, even without trying to be, but we always get … Read More

Antigua History


Antigua is chock full of beautiful ruins to walk around. They all just make a nice place to spend an hour, whether or not you are interested in their history. They are like a small park in the States where you might go to just get away from the hustle … Read More

Antigua with Abuela


A new family photo book. We love these things. We have stacks of them on the boat and still have periods we need to fill in. It’s a fun way to relive memories with the kids. Chavo not feeling so hot, though he might have been faking since he was … Read More

Ocho Años


Lowe turns eight, and as his papa I could go on and on about how great he is. Smart, friendly, imaginative, and an incredibly kind and fun little brother/best friend to his sister. I seriously can’t think of a time he has been mean or rude to anyone. He goes … Read More

Guatemala Street Dog


Our new street dog turned foster dog, Chavo. For the first two days he was with us he was hardly awake—slept like he hadn’t slept in months. We pulled huge ticks off of him and took him to the vet where he got a rabies shot and some other stuff … Read More

Happy Animals


It’s been a busy few days around our house. First, Ali somehow got involved in saving Chacho the spider monkey in Barra de Navidad, Mexico. Honestly, when it first came up I thought, “Come on, he’s an old monkey by now, what are we going to do for him from … Read More