Texas Beach Life

Port Aransas beach. South Texas is not nearly as warm as you might think it would be—at least not if you grew up in Minnesota and assumed everything south of Iowa was tropical in the winter. Mexican air-conditioning. Only kids can manage to be hot in this weather. In Port … Read More

Mazatlan Days

The past few days I’ve been working on some things in the morning while Ali takes the kids on excursions, or just hangs out at home. In the afternoons we tend to just hang out at the bus playing mud coffee, or lock Papa up in jail, or coloring, or … Read More

Beach Day

Just an average day at the beach really. Ouest was riding her bike around the house today, racing me on the scooter, when she started cutting through the dining room in order to win. “Hey that’s not fair,” I complained. “I’m taking a haircut Papa. Sometimes you win, and sometimes … Read More