June 2005

june 1 2005 : coast of new south wales, australia It was surprisingly hard to leave Sydney. We were tied to a nice safe mooring just a quick walk away from anything you could possibly need and right on the doorstep of an amazing city. But when we woke up … Read More

May 2005

may 2 2005 : sydney, new south wales, australia The past couple of days were tough on us. Two nights ago promised to be our last night of the passage. We were motoring along in variable winds, but for the most part they were light and on the nose. Not … Read More

April 2005

april 1 2005 : gulf harbor marina, whangaparaoa, new zealand The new watermaker pump arrived early yesterday morning and within an hour or so it was installed, wired, and ready to go. We turned it on and we were making water again. Thank goodness. I wasn’t 100% sure of my … Read More

March 2005

march 3 2005 : south island road trip, new zealand We woke up bright and early the other day in order to get out of Greymouth. But first we had to stop at the gas station where, while Ali was paying for the petrol she was asked if she would … Read More

Bumfuzzle Catamaran Repair Costs

2002 Wildcat Catamaran Delamination Repair Costs (repairs made in New Zealand November 2004) To read the builders, Charter Cats S.A., response to our boats delamination click here.

2002 Wildcat Catamaran Blistering and Delamination

In May of 2004, Ali and I had the boat hauled out while in Panama to have the bottom painted in preparation for crossing the Pacific. While hauled out we first discovered that we had delamination issues with our boat. The gelcoat blistering had been showing up in different areas … Read More

February 2005

february 1 2005 : gulf harbor marina, whangaparaoa, new zealand It’s hard to believe we are into February already. We have been here at Gulf Harbor, on the hard, since October 29th! But the end is in sight now. The new blue bottom paint is on, the trampoline is fixed, as … Read More

January 2005

january 7 2005 : gulf harbor marina, whangaparaoa, new zealand Happy New Year! We’re back on the boat after a great trip home. It’s been nearly a month already since we updated the site. I guess there wasn’t much to report on back home. We were busy doing the same things … Read More

December 2004

december 3 2004 : st. paul, minnesota, usa Obviously we made it home okay. The trip coming home was a lot quicker though not nearly as fun as it was getting away. Our flight from New Zealand to Los Angeles was a brutal one. With me on the aisle, Ali in … Read More

November 2004

november 1 2004 : gulf harbor marina, whagaparaoa, new zealand Well, after a busy weekend we have ourselves a new ride. A 1988 Volvo we picked up for the bargain basement price of about $1300 USD. Hopefully she’s got another 3000 miles or so left in her. We woke up early … Read More

October 2004

october 1 2004 : en route to tonga Not much to report on for this passage. It’s been pretty slow going most of the time. Back in Tahiti one of our to do’s was to get the bimini support welded since one of the two main supports is almost completely … Read More

September 2004

september 2 2004 : mo’orea, society islands, french polynesia I thought after our 24 day passage across the Pacific that everything after that was going to feel like nothing. Now it seems that a one day passage completely wipes us out. We actually left two days ago with the intention … Read More