Aw Christ

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Went out to the boat today for a quick look around. She’s still floating. Later we went to the playground where Ouest made friends with a big-boned six-year-old girl. The girl kept picking Ouest up in a bear hug and spinning her around. I kept an eye on them because … Read More

Boobs (hehe)

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We were going to eat today at a little place right across the street from the cathedral’s front doors when a crowd suddenly came pouring out and a band standing in the street started playing some rocking music. It took a minute to realize that the people coming out weren’t … Read More

PV Plaza

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Sunday. Music and dancing on the plaza day. I love the family atmosphere down there. In all of Mexico really. To me it just sort of harkens back to a simpler friendlier time. Maybe a bit of small town character that I didn’t get to experience growing up in the … Read More

Boat Check

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This afternoon we all went out to the boat and to the beach out there. Lea determined that she couldn’t live in a space that small with her brother, and Grandma said she couldn’t because she would get claustrophobic. There was a time not so long ago that I probably … Read More


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Ouest is soooo our daughter. Yesterday she called Lea the “Moley Queen.” That’s guacamole for the two-year-old language deficient. But she didn’t just say it, she sang it, with her head up to the sky she belted it out for all to hear. Today we spent some time up at … Read More

Ma and Lie

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Took the gang to Mismaloya Beach today. It’s far from the prettiest beach, and certainly couldn’t be considered a relaxing beach, but for some reason we’ve always liked it. I guess it is the funkiness of it. At high tide there really is no beach. It’s just restaurants that sit … Read More


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Even though we were all full from dinner and we had sweat pouring off of our bodies we still made a point of walking to the plaza. On Sunday nights there is music, food, drink, and lots of lovely people dancing and enjoying the scene. It’s about as good as … Read More


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Ali’s mom and our niece, Lea, arrived today. Ouest was understandably excited. The kids warmed right up to Grandma and then Ouest zeroed in on Lea. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so excited to play with somebody. She was smiling from ear to ear the entire afternoon. Man … Read More


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Today was a landmark day for me. Ouest and I were out walking the neighborhood. We were a couple blocks further up the hill in the locals neighborhood when a car pulled up alongside us, rolled down a window, and asked me in Spanish how to get back down to┬áCentro. … Read More

PayPal Button, Is it Begging?


The PayPal topic has come up lots of times regarding my website. On Bumfuzzle, at the bottom of the menu column is a little PayPal button that currently reads, We Sail So You Don’t Have To. In the past it has variously said things such as, Buy the Bums a … Read More


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Ouest has never been the type to ask for stuff. We can still walk through Walmart, browse the toy aisle, and leave empty-handed without a fuss. Same goes for the check-out lines at the grocery stores, littered with stuff designed to turn kids into slobbering messes. Ouest just organizes the … Read More


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Ali and I have sort of an unofficial competition going on to see who Lowe gets hurt the most with. This one was my bad. I swear he can be going along just fine and then BAM!, before it even registers in your mind he is on the ground face … Read More