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As promised Ouest laced up the skates this morning and took off down the driveway. Though she did accept some help. And yes, she did indeed do the jump trick. The nice thing about having cousins ten years or more older is that grandparents never throw anything away. This means … Read More

Up In The Air

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The past couple of days have been spent hanging out around home, having another dinner or two with family, and the like. But mostly what we’ve, or rather Ali, have been doing is packing. If you saw us packing up to go to the airport you’d think, “There is no … Read More


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Our kids are never happier than when they have free reign with a water hose or two.

Weird Things Happen at Sea


Weird things sometimes happen at sea. They always seem to happen at night too. Far and away our strangest encounter at sea came about three days out from the Canary Islands en route to the Caribbean. We left about two days behind the ARC fleet so didn’t expect to run … Read More

Going On

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Ali has had full-time kid duty the past few days which means lots of entertaining. The park is right across the street so she’s been spending a lot of time over there. Neighborhood walks are popular. The mall, which has double strollers shaped like race cars, is also a favorite. … Read More

How to Write a Cruising Blog


You can’t throw a coconut in a marina these days without hitting a boat with a blog. Just insert the boat name in between www. and .com and you’ll find the website. Everyone has a blog. World cruisers, every single damn one of them blogs. Unfortunately they do not blog … Read More


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I mentioned my mom’s neighbor Mildred the other day. Well today I finally spotted her out in the yard and went over to tell her thank-you for the wonderful Christmas stockings. We said our hellos and I thanked her and made small talk about her flowers and her home’s new … Read More

Be Nice

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My cousin came down from Tacoma with his two girls, nine and eleven, today. They may be way older than Ouest, but she didn’t care one bit. And the girls were exceedingly nice and super patient with her. It was obvious their mom had given them the full run down … Read More


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Since Mexico we’ve been telling Ouest that she could make oatmeal cookies with Grammy. She’s been very excited by the prospect and today she finally got to do it.

Dog Walker

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I’ve probably already mentioned how excited Ouest gets by the prospect of taking the dog for a walk. “Hey Ouest, wanna go for a walk?” “Binton too? Binton too? Purple rope?” That’s code forĀ is Winston coming, and can we use the purple leash? My mom’s neighborhood is full of sweet … Read More


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Our buddy Nick is in town. It’s funny, we originally met because of the website years and years ago, and only later did we discover our mothers live eight blocks away from each other. Now we’re writing a book together. I know it’s something I say all the time, but … Read More


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We went to a Bum friend’s house for dinner tonight. The RVGoddess took great care of us on the food and drink front and we had some nice conversation with new IRL, in real life, friends. It’s not often we spend an evening with another blogger. For the first time … Read More