Awkward Lobster

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All right, so this was a little awkward. The family we offered the clothes to came out in their boat this afternoon. We invited them aboard and we all sat up front and played with the car and some toys for a little bit. Cool. Nice little boy, friendly mother … Read More

Ice Cream in Agua Verde?

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We motored north on a flat sea bound for Agua Verde just three hours away. Another in a string of rather uneventful days—days we are always thankful for. Nothing broke, nobody got hurt, Lowe got his nap in, and we arrived in what is one of my favorite bays. After … Read More

Callus Hands


Manuel is a local man, somewhere between forty and seventy years old I’d peg it at, and has the market on selling lobster and fish to the cruisers in Los Gatos. We talked to him on the beach last night after eating our lunner already and told him we didn’t … Read More

A Day in Video


Shot some video today while we motored north from San Evaristo to Los Gatos. We had maybe fifteen knots on the nose when we left, and an hour or so later the seas had gone calm. A twenty-seven mile trip, it took us about five hours to complete. This video … Read More

Baja Anchorage


San Evaristo, Baja California Sur. Time for another round of the family picture game, complete with strange dog. Ouest took this while Ali said, “You’re too close!” Our adopted for a couple of days dog spent five minutes digging a hole, shoving his nose in it, and digging some more, … Read More

San Evaristo


Today we motored an hour north to San Evaristo, a tiny village of uninspiring homes all with a very inspiring background. In town we visited the store, which consisted of 1% staples, 1% chicken, and 98% junk food. No ice cream though, so the kids were out of luck—they got … Read More

Escape the Coromuel


Between the Coromuel winds and Lowe teething we’ve had a couple of pretty sleepless nights. So this morning we decided to head further north and start trying to at least escape the Coromuel. We left early with a nice breeze and rolly seas. Throughout the day it calmed more and … Read More

Puerto Balandra—Again


We’ve come to the conclusion that the thing that we dislike the most about cruising in this boat—aside from the fact that it is missing a hull—is the refrigerator situation. Needing to run the engine for an hour or more twice a day in order to keep the fridge cool … Read More

Cruising North


We left with the tide this morning, motoring north towards the islands again—finally. We stopped off at Costa Brava Marina for the cheapest diesel in town. Which seems like an odd statement considering that Steve Jobs yacht was in there last month, and that famous British couple that live in … Read More

To Market


We went to the market this morning where I thought about asking the boy selling fish and turtles how much he would charge me to take back Banana Ice Cream Goldfish, but I didn’t because Ali loves that thing, even if she won’t admit it. She changed her water this … Read More

Not Quite Ranting


I don’t often do this—bag on companies—so when I do you can be assured that their products are indeed crap. First up, Dr. LEDs.  These are something like thirty bucks apiece and are supposed to plug into your normal existing running lights and replace the old-fashioned power hungry bulbs with … Read More

Fish Head


We were at the beach today and Ouest was running around picking up dozens of sliced in half oranges, melon skins, and all manner of other fruit that could only have come from some cruiser’s boat, when she spotted a giant white blob floating in the shallows. She ran over … Read More