Gorman Falls


What do you know, the kids are old enough to go on a hike without being carried the entire way. We set out on a three-mile hike to Gorman Falls this morning in really cold weather, which was actually sort of nice. The kids had a nice time tromping down … Read More

Colorado Bend State Park


Yesterday we drove to Llano, a small Texas hill country town, west of Austin. Yes, we missed Austin yet again. I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve driven through Texas and somehow we have never gone through what has to be one of the most hyped cities in America. … Read More

Turkey Bend


We visited Fredericksburg today. As we drove down Main a guy pulled up alongside us and yelled out that he’d seen us on Tiny House Blog. He laughed and said that he’d just moved and had twenty-five truck loads of crap. The light turned green and he wished us well. … Read More

1966 Dodge Travco Interior (After)


We finally took a few moments to get some interior shots of the bus now that it’s done—or at least nearly so. Here are the before pics. 1966 Dodge Travco Interior (Before)



I got a new brake light switch, installed it, and still have no brake lights. Crap. I’ve bypassed the switch and confirmed that the wiring is fine, which really only leaves the possibility that the switches are junk. Which, considering they only cost nine bucks, wouldn’t surprise me in the … Read More

San Antonio Fiesta


After getting lost the other day we were closer to San Antonio than we expected, and we also found out that this weekend is what they call Fiesta, and there was going to be a parade today. So, we told the kids, and they were instantly jazzed about the idea … Read More



It’s funny how our plans change day to day, even out here on the road. We left Shiner the other morning headed for Austin. A trip of about eighty miles. We do our best to take the back roads, and after an hour or so I remember seeing a sign … Read More

Travco Costs


Here’s what it took us to turn a nearly fifty year-old motorhome into our current home. Ali has managed to tally up the numbers on the Travco expenses. I guessed twenty-thousand and came pretty close. I’m pretty happy with that number. The bus turned out exactly as we had hoped … Read More



I have to admit that I’ve been humbled here in Kemah by the incredible people we have met, and the generosity of all of them. We met up with our friends, the sugar-cookie-family, for dinner last night, and I really just can’t believe the goodwill that they heaped upon us. … Read More

Texas BBQ


Bum friends had a BBQ today with us as the guests of honor. I have to say that I’m not really the most social guy in the world—the website is really my social outlet outside of my family, and even that obviously revolves solely around them—but these Bumfuzzle get-togethers always … Read More


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We had plans in Kemah, so Galveston got a bit shortchanged by us. We were there for a couple of really bad weather days and then took off as soon as it got nice out again. We liked Galveston though. We didn’t really know what to expect there, but can … Read More



We drove Louisiana backroads yesterday, taking whatever squiggle led towards the coast. We eventually hit the brown water, then turned right to run west. As we were driving along we would see old abandoned houses and I would tease Ouest by saying how nice they looked, and asking if she’d … Read More