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  1. So the kids sleep on the beds in the back, are you guys sleeping at the booth upfront? How does that arrangement work? Are you planning on this being a 5 year solution and get a bigger bus as the kids get bigger?

  2. I don’t see a seat belt on the driver’s side. That could get you a big ticket in my state with the fine doubled because you have kids under 12 in the vehicle (plus a escorted trip to the judge because you are out of state and if it is after hours or a Friday- cost you a weekend wait). Is it just out of sight?

  3. Pat, I love the art deco / rube goldberg looking faucet contraption, very cool that you were able to keep that.

  4. Looking sharp and spiffy. Nicely Done! Does the faucet box house a water filter by any chance? Having changed over from the boat world I am sure you know the on board water situation very well though.

    1. No filter. I’ve used a tester a couple of times and the water has always been well within levels. Plus, the crap we’ve been drinking the past few years on the boat, I think we’re okay here in the States.

  5. I think our motorhome was perhaps that clean and clutter free for a single day before our first trip. Even then it wasnt that stylish. When my wife put the original curtains into our washer – they disintegrated and clogged it.

    I have read the laws about seat belts in the motor vehicle codes of a few states, and unless they have changed recently, in NONE of those states are seat belts required in older (privately owned) vehicles which did not come with seat belts. In the VA law, you dont need to have pre-schoolers in car seats at all – if the provately owned vehicle predates seat belts. Though you should expect a lecture on the topic if you get stopped by a patrolman and you have children aboard.
    In most states for most motor vehicle laws, if you are in compliance with the laws of your home state (where the RV is registered), you wont be held liable or fined for being non-compliant with laws that differ somewhat in other states. Although in the case of kids and safety car seats, a VA patrolman may write you a ticket anyway; which the traffic court judges will probably dismiss after they give you their own lecture.

  6. Looks great! The overall look of your home on wheels looks really nice! It really is a beautiful and functional space. Congratulations!

  7. It’s lovely, and I can’t believe how neat and tidy it is. I am assuming you had to “stage” it a bit for the photos, because there is no sign that anyone actually lives in it…much less four of you and two being young children! 😉 Great job!

  8. Beautiful home.

    And in reference to one of the pervious posters, I’ve followed you for long enough to know that your homes (floating or rolling) really are always just that tidy 🙂 You keep me inspired.

    Deborah (s/v Wrightaway)

  9. Forgot to ask… The towel bar with the hooks.. Is that a recent purchase? I’ve been looking for something similar for our head.

    Deborah (s/v Wrightaway)

  10. This is just so beautiful (behind every successful man there is a woman 🙂 ). Quick question: what is the piece of wire between the ceiling and the panel where the generator gauges used to be?

  11. Pat&Ali,
    Bus looks great. I have followed your adventures for several years. Originally, it was boat stuff that hooked me, but i have migrated. I thought you might be interested to know of two mentions of Oest’s name in the book “Stars In My Pocket Like Grains of Sand” by Samuel R Delaney. He is referring to compass directions in some far off in space and time planet, but it is interesting and I wondered if it might be a source of inspiration.
    Love the blog,

  12. Hi
    My wife and I just bought a 1966 Travco 2 days ago, we start work cleaning it out tomorrow. It’s not in as good shape as yours was but has most of the original features in tact.
    Very exciting to see what you’ve done with yours.
    Are the wall panels you used just 1/4″ ply?

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