Travco Time Machine

Remember a while back I mentioned that we had tracked down the original owners of the bus? Well today we got a little gift in the mail—a bunch of pictures from back in the day. Pretty amazing to me just how little has changed. Apparently the original owner added the … Read More


Yesterday morning I joked with Ouest, “Do you want me to pull that tooth out for you.” “Shore,” she said, because apparently there really is nothing in this world that scares the girl. “Okay, go get me a piece of toilet paper.” She runs back in—apparently she only had one square … Read More


Our kids haven’t stopped asking about Mango, our fish, since Ali gave it away back in Mexico before we left last time. Six months and somehow their little heads have retained the memory of a one-inch beta fish named after a fruit. Ali secretly loved the fish too, so recently … Read More

Poopy Hands

The other day we were at an RV park and I watched a man—for the hundredth time, at least—pull on an elbow length pair of rubber gloves before disconnecting his RV’s toilet hose. As I watched him all I could think about was what my grandpa would have thought if … Read More


Once we hit Oregon there was no stopping us. Ever since we headed west out of New Orleans the kids have been hearing that we’re going to visit Grammy. And since Texas it’s been, “How many more days until we see Grammy?” So when we hit Oregon and the nights … Read More


From the hot springs we made our way up and over the mountains to Austin, a tiny crossroads town that was inexplicably settled halfway down the steep mountain instead of two miles further down in the valley. We lumbered into town the same way the rest of the trucks did, … Read More

Spencer Hot Springs

We drove out to Spencer Hot Springs on the recommendation of our friend in Eureka, who had stumbled upon the place just a couple weeks earlier. The springs are down an unmarked dirt road, five miles off The Loneliest Road (Hwy 50). The Eureka Museum. Pretty cool that these hundred year … Read More


As we stood on the side of the road taking pictures of Eureka, Nevada, a Bum friend who lives in town pulled up beside us. Eureka is pretty much a one road town, so we aren’t hard to spot. An hour later we were 4x4ing up mountains and exploring old … Read More


So last night Ouest had a nightmare and couldn’t sleep for hours. In the morning she explained that it had been about the scary-lady-on-the-picture-by-the-bathroom. When we went in to the hotel (we stayed at the rv park/casino hotel) to use the pool again this morning I took the kids to … Read More

Nevada Northern Railway

Lowe likes his trains, so when we heard about the steam train in Ely we figured it would be fun. And it was. The engine and the cars were all about a hundred years old, as were all of the men working the train. Everything about the place felt authentic—from … Read More

Ely. Ee-lee.

A couple miles out of Delta, Utah, we passed this shoe tree. Ouest thought it was pretty cool, and gathered up any shoes she could find on the ground with laces on them. It became my duty to hang all of them back up again. More mountains, more overheating. It … Read More


So first thing in the morning I crawled back under the bus and put in the new starter. Had it down to a twenty minute switch now. I eagerly crawled into the driver’s seat and turned the key. Holy crap, I thought we were going to launch into outer space. … Read More