Grammy is here! The kids weren’t excited a bit. Well maybe a little. Ouest has had a countdown calendar on her door for the past twelve days and she didn’t miss crossing off a single one of those days. She was due to get in while Ouest was in school, but her flight was delayed so we were able to boogie on out to the airport and surprise her. Keeping the kids from tackling their poor abuela was tough.

Her flight was delayed due to sucking a goose through an engine on take-off—which she seemed to equate with having crossed something off of her bucket-list—we weren’t able to do much besides grab a quick dinner before the kids were off to bed. But before we left her in her hotel room (our spare room has neither air-conditioning or window coverings) she gave the kids a toy each and a handful of books. We read the books—all of them—at bedtime, and Ouest went to sleep still talking about them.

In the morning I went in to wake her up for school and the first words—literally—out of her mouth were, “Will you read a new book to me?”

Lowe is just as hung-ho. He can’t tell us yet, but he shows us. After we all read two books together at night he jumps up, grabs another book off the pile and grabs Ali’s hand, ready to go read in his own bed.

We can never have enough books. Which reminds me of something that drives us nuts down here in Mexico. At the stores—even bookstores—books are plastic wrapped closed. There is no such thing as browsing a book before buying it. With adult books this isn’t such an issue, you read the back cover and make your decision, but with kids books? My god. Nine out of ten kids books are so terrible that you can’t even believe they were printed. And yet here in Mexico we’re apparently supposed to buy ten books in search of that one good one. And in our second language to boot. Which is why there is such a thing as grandparents and rolling luggage.

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  1. I am always impressed that you get the light metering so spot on in your photos. I have rambunctious boy/girls twin children and the light is usually too harsh in the mid day sun or in their face with squinty eyes. My kids will never stop to let me re-position them for the light either (that would also kill the candid mood). Anyways, well done.

    1. Thanks Steven. I don’t even pay attention, just shoot and hope for the best. Definitely no repositioning here either—kids would never let that happen. 🙂

  2. You know. I seem to recall being told that if I made that face, it would get stuck that way… hmm. Is Mom changing her stance on this?! 😉

  3. Hi Pat, I’ve enjoyed Bumfuzzle and your blog very much and donated to your cause. What is the reason for your blog being posted in reverse order? In other words, I would like to read your blog like I read Bumfuzzle, from beginning to end. Currently I’m up to April 2013 but to read your story I must load the month, scroll to the bottom and select the last number of page. Then load that one, scroll to the bottom and start in reverse through the month. Am I missing something? Sorry if I am. Or, maybe your training me to not have things so easy like living on the boat! I love your story and appreciate your budgets and experiences. My wife and I are saving to cruise and find inspiration in your story. I have family in San Jose Del Cabo and San Carlos (on the mainland). We’re excited to cruise the Sea of Cortez someday. We currently live in Phuket. Kind regards, Edan

    1. Hi Edan,

      Glad you’re enjoying the website. When we changed over to this template last year we didn’t realize it at the time, but the way it is coded there is no way for us to change the order of the blog posts. It’s our only real disappointment with the change over, and will probably cause us to change to a different layout/template sooner than we otherwise would have. Until then, we’re stuck with it.

      1. I understand. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Your boat victories bring me vicarious satisfaction. Your argument for frugality in initial purchase and upgrades in order to get going sooner rather than later has positively influenced me. I’m amazed how good your hull and interior look for the age of your boat. I’m in and around San Jose Del Cabo and San Carlos from time to time. Ill keep an eye out for you. My wife and I are contemplating a monohull soon or a multihull in several years… You know the drill. My wife is so much more comfortable in Cats… I admire your boat issue perseverance as well as your choice to be close to and spend so much quality time with your family. Cheers from Phuket

    2. I had the same problem…….try clicking on the comment number (in blue) at the bottom left of page and it should change everything for you. Fingers crossed:-)!

    1. Yeah, this area is called Olas Altas and is just on the edge of Old Town/Centro. This is from the top of Grammy’s hotel. Normally she stays with us, but the spare bedroom in this house has neither air conditioning nor window coverings. Not very conducive to a good night’s sleep. On the plus side, it means we have this pool to swim in.

  4. I should box up all the books from when my kids were little and send them to Grammy, because clearly we’re not going to have any grandchildren. Reading is the #1 thing you can do to promote your child’s education. Never stop reading to them, even when they are old enough to read themselves. Listening to another person read promotes listening skills.

  5. So agree with Judith!! Just cleaned out a lot of books from our grandkids and wished that I could have sent them to you. Donated to local library instead.

  6. Hi Pat,
    Stumbled across your blog from your post in MazInfo and scanning the archives. Good writing and pics! I wanted to let you know we’ve ordered from Better World Books (dot com) who have free worldwide shipping on used books. They’re actually based in our old hometown of Mishawaka, IN. It took about 3 weeks and we had to go to the post office by the cathedral to pick the box up, but hey!
    We’re raising two little gueritos (ages 4 and almost 8) here in MZT too, so it’s been fun to read of your adventures around town with yours. Maybe we’ll run into you someday 🙂

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