Macon Halloween

It’s starting to feel like we’ve been in Georgia a long time. We just sort of bounce around from one state park to another, spending a couple days in each exploring what they have to offer. Lately there has been plenty of lakes to swim in. From the looks of them, though, if the drought this area has had continues, there won’t be any more lakes.

Low lake levels means plenty of muddy shorelines. We must have had to wash them off a dozen times in two days here. The mud didn’t come off from just swimming, it required getting aggressive.

We’re thankful every day that these two have each other.

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As always, we try and avoid the interstates. This leads us to small towns that we never even learn the names of. Sometimes it seems, while driving through these towns, that every home is either a mansion, or a shack. There seems to be very little in between.

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I think it’s pretty unusual for the water to still be warm enough for swimming at this time of year.


The funny thing is, Lowe has never seen the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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A quick Google search led me to the Ridge Avenue neighborhood in Macon, Georgia, for trick-or-treating. It was nice. The only weird thing we saw was quite a number of parents driving their kids from house to house. We’d walk from house to house and as we’d get to the next one the same kids would pile out of the same cars, run up to the house, get their candy, and get back in the car to go three houses further down the street.

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Is there anything better than laying out your spoils?


Lowe dug these weeds out of the lake before we saw the Alligators No Swimming sign. We were assured later that there aren’t any around right now, too cold, and too many fishing boats. We went swimming in the netted off area instead.