1966 Dodge Travco Interior (Before)

We’ve spent the past few days just sort of cleaning up inside the Travco. It wasn’t that bad to begin with, but it obviously hadn’t gotten too much attention in the past few years. I also took off all the purple window tint, which made a humongous difference in the feel of the bus.

So anyway, these are the Bumfuzzle before pictures. From here we’ll tear off the ceiling, replace the original carpeting, repair a few wall panels, paint the cabinets, repair a couple of vinyl tears, and a few other things. Overall it doesn’t look too daunting. It’s really amazing to me how good of shape it is in, and how everything seems to be working. Hell, even the cigarette lighter still fires up.

As for engine work, brakes, etc. That stuff is going to have to wait a bit as we still haven’t really figured out a good solution to getting this thing inside or to warm weather to get underneath it. We’ve had a lot of offers from Bum friends, but all would require quite a bit of driving each day, and I’m really not into commuting to work. Fifteen hundred dollars was just spent on the brakes two months ago, so that is good to go. All new exhaust was put on a couple of years ago too. A big engine job was done back in 1991, but I’m not seeing receipts from anything recently. We’ll replace the tires (they are brand new based on mileage, but eleven years old and showing signs of sidewall cracking), change the oil, and hit the road. Hopefully we’ll make it to warmer climes before we run into any issues.

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