We’re off. We quickly put Florida behind us. St. Augustine was a nice place to settle into a new boat, and the ICW was mostly fun, but we’ve had our fill of the States for a bit. Just like crossing the border back into Mexico, putting a few miles of water between us and Florida was like a weight off my shoulders. The pace, and the stress of the States just isn’t my thing any more. I won’t speak for Ali, but will say there is never any arm-twisting involved in these escapes.

The Gulf Stream gave us a pretty hefty swell on the stern quarter, but no waves. The swell would have had us rolling ridiculously if not for the stabilizers. We’ve hardly left, and already I can’t imagine life without these things.

We managed to sneak across the Gulf Stream unscathed through an extremely narrow weather windowโ€”there were big winds, fifty knots or more, on the way. We took shelter in a marina .

The kids tried to introduce Crabby to some new friends from the beach, but he was having none of it. Before any blood was spilled we built a wall. A big beautiful wall.

Storm’s building.

Lowe found a gold-ish bracelet on the beach and gave it to me for my birthday, to his sister’s deep disappointment.

The Oscar for Best Director goes to…


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    1. Pat says we have one, but haven’t looked at it or turned it on (yet?). Still trading daily with good Bahamas internet, but weather rules on a boat and leaving only on the afternoons/weekends is going to be a challenge.

  1. Congratulations on escaping the clutches of the US once again! Since you have a song for entering the US (Rules! Rules! Rules!) do you have one for leaving?

    1. We had been hanging out at their (the Shark Lab’s) beach all weekend as they have an amazing low tide with sandbars and mangroves to play in. We didn’t pop in, but did talk to them about the baby shark in the pen on the beach.

  2. HBD!
    I’ll bet it feels good to have a crossing under your belt, if even just to the Bahamas. Looking forward to pictures of the local color as I’ve never been there. (!)
    Have a blast, as usual! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Wow, the warm weather and beautiful water looks very inviting right now!! We live in MN and are going to AZ for a few days of R&R and Grand Canyon sightseeing….I really enjoy your site and wish your family a fun and safe 2018.

    1. Thanks, Kim. Happy 2018 to you! We still need to get the kids to the Grand Canyon. Have a great time and warm up a bit.

  4. We must have crossed paths as we returned to the USA on Holland America Line Amsterdam after going through the Panama Canal from San Diego to Ft. Lauderdale. We stopped at Half Moon Cay on Jan.3 and then to Florida the next day. 50 knot winds during the night. Lumpy sea. Wonderful swim in the beautiful blue waters of the Bahamas. Love your new boat. What a great home! GB has always been one of our favorite power boats. Happy birthday to Pat. Look forward to your posting. Best wishes for your next adventures.

    1. I saw your photos on FB. Love the one of Max with the ladies in Colombia! And yes the winds can die anytime and where is the sun? The GB is turning into a great home for us. Happy 2018, Lucy!

  5. If you dislike America so much, please stay out. We don’t need any more patriotic and political haters, oh, I forgot you do enjoy making money from American sources eh?!?!

      1. UH PAT, “Oooooooh, burn. Such an intelligent and well thought out response” Come on Mate, you should know that one of the cardinal rules of successful journalism is; never scribe any prose that will alienate any of your readers or provide them with any fodder that gives them opportunity to sling the old drive-by, negative blurb. And second, should the drive-by occur, don’t give credence to it with a rebuttal, let it die in the smoldering heat of silence. Great post.

    1. Rena, please do those of us who enjoy following the Bums a favor and just stop following or commenting on this page. I enjoy the escape from my normal dose of crap going on here. Please don’t ruin it for me.

  6. Glad to hear the trip across the Gulf Stream was uneventful. Friends of mine are over at either Tea Table or Norman’s Key on a Schooner named Magic, they have three children on board if Ouest and Lowe are looking for friends to play with.

  7. Another wonderful post from the Bums. Congrats on making ‘out there’! As a very satisfied Wanderer Financial and OM subscriber, I love seeing the Bumfuzzle pics. I think in the OM daily chat sometimes we forget that Pat and his fam are actually out there wandering. Well done Bums!

  8. ‘Stern quarter’? Dude, if you not careful you gonna start sounding professional… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Those stabilisers, can you hear them work? I kind of imagine this ‘bzzz’ ‘bzzz’ noise as they adjust?

    1. Can’t hear a thing. Maybe if it were a sailboat, and they were battery driven, but they’re engine driven so the only indication that they are doing anything is the smooth ride and the little green lights moving around on the panel. Greatest thing since sliced bread.

  9. It looks like you’re in Bimini Sands. Haven’t been there but spent time in Bimini. Some great outdoor conch stands in Bimini. Hope you make it to Abacos — they are an utterly magical cruising ground, although they can get a tad grey, cool and windy when northers sweep across from the USA.

    Love the blog.

    1. Yes at Bimini Sands. Abacos didn’t work this year as the weather is just in a funk that it can’t shake. Grey, cool and windy is all we’ve had since arriving 19 days ago. But who’s counting…

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