Bumfuzzle Catamaran Repair Costs


2002 Wildcat Catamaran Delamination Repair Costs
(repairs made in New Zealand November 2004)

TOTAL$47,235NZ / $33,538USD
Bottom repairs (below the water line)18,000
Reglass keels/hulls2,750
Dry wet balsa core areas; grind reglass large
void area and delamination areas and resin inject smaller void areas in hulls
Crane hire140
Rigger hire712
Mast storage fees320
Radar re-wire114
Topsides/underside/moving fees/shed fees16,470
Haulout/wash/sling overnight/return310
Hardstand (94 days)1,723
Re-stripe/name/hailing port375

To read the builders, Charter Cats S.A., response to our boats delamination click here.


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  2. I just stumbled across your website…it was actually your trip with your RV and the kids that I came across…because it was interesting..I read about your repairs on the vintage RV and realized you have more to the story to tell…so I went back to your Cat adventure… I will tell you that I feel you are more patient dealing with the issues of your Cat then I would be. I love how you write! I told my husband it was like reading a novel and think you should be a book author! I stopped reading about your RV adventures and started from the beginning. I cant wait to continue reading your 10 yr adventures. I think you two are truly living the dream.

    I am in Alberta Canada and if you and your beautiful family are ever near here please drop us a line. We will welcome you with open arms..

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