This guy turned six. Already. He spent the morning hanging out with his second best buddy. Then made cupcakes with his first best buddy. We tried to keep things similar to our traditional boat/bus birthdays, with balloons and cupcakes, but somehow we weren’t able to keep the pile of gifts … Read More

Making Memories


Our good friend Xochi turned six the other day, which meant a beach party and piñata.  Xochi doesn’t know it yet, but Lowe has told us that he’s taking her along on his motorcycle trip. The around-the-world motorcycle trip that he and Ouest have been planning for the past few … Read More

Beach Birthday


There was just one nice day in the 10-day forecast, so with a bit of magic, Ouest’s 7th birthday moved up one week and we headed off to Holly Beach. All birthdays start with balloons. A few of them with a dollar slid inside. When we got to the beach … Read More



We had hoped to be out to New York by Lowe’s birthday, as we had promised him cupcakes at the Statue of Liberty. Both kids are beyond excited over the Statue of Liberty. I hope it lives up to the hype. But, things happen, so instead of Lady Liberty, we … Read More

Beach Birthday


My mom and her twin sister had a pretty big birthday coming up, so we gathered up a bunch of family and headed for a beach house rental to celebrate. Our timing was incredibly lucky—the weather in Portland while we were gone was 103 degrees, the temps on the beach … Read More

Christmas Birthday


Today was Ali’s birthday. It was also the day that we would bring in Brownie, our favorite beach dog, to get spayed. That might not seem like a nice birthday gift, but for an animal lover like Ali it was perfect. We had an appointment at nine, but she is … Read More

Six Years Old


Six years. Like all parents, I’m constantly surprised by the years ticking by. Ouest is a big girl. She’s tall, she’s smart, she’s sweet. At six I think she is still more innocent than any child her age I’ve ever known. Today she came up to me looking upset. “Tango … Read More

Almost a Birthday


We’d had two days of rain—which is pretty crazy around here in winter, and without a hurricane nearby—and weren’t sure if we could trust the weather forecast for Ouest’s birthday, so we pushed it back a day. I love that our now six-year-old daughter is so carefree about a change … Read More

Lowe is Four—Unofficially


Nobody in history has ever cared less about their age. Ask Lowe how old he is and he’ll answer—or maybe he won’t, depending on his mood—two, five, nine, eleventeen. So when it came time to give him his first pedal bike—and his birthday was still a month off—we just said … Read More

Five Years


Ouest turned five today. She has been looking forward to this birthday for months and months. Eventually we had to put up a calendar and let her cross off the days as they ticked by. Part of her excitement no doubt came from us telling her that we didn’t want … Read More

Lowe’s Third


Lowe’s third birthday began with wet gray skies, and ended the same. None of which affected the party itself. The morning started off with balloon mayhem, as usual, moved on to Play-Doh for a while, and then the cupcakes came out. That’s when we discovered that Lowe has no idea … Read More

Forty Years


I turned forty yesterday. Cuarenta años. Supposed to be a big deal I suppose, but I’m not feeling much drama. I look in the mirror and can see that I look older these days—which would really suck I suppose if I were single and trying to date twenty-five year-olds, but … Read More