’66 Dodge Travco For Sale

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    Vintage Style

    They simply don’t make ’em like this any more. The curves, the color, the 60s! No other RV even compares. If you want to roll in classic style, and stand out from the crowd on the road and in the campground, then there is nothing better.

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    A two-piece all fiberglass body is what makes this RV from 1966 still look so great today. There isn’t a crack or repair anywhere on this motorhome. Never crashed, and never so much as bumped a tree. It’s beautiful and straight.

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    V8 - 318 Poly Engine

    The 318 engine is widely considered to be one of the best engines ever built. Bulletproof is the word most often associated with it. Best of all, you can walk into any NAPA today and find every part you could ever want for it.

Picture Note:

All pictures were taken May 20th and are untouched except for cropping and occasional exposure adjustments to brighten shadows.
Camping pictures were taken between 2014-2016.


This is the original paint on the untouched fiberglass body. Fifty years and still beautiful. Travcos came in a variety of color combos, but this is far and away the most standout 60s color of the bunch. Nobody has painted, sanded, or done anything but give it a wax. The condition shows the love that has been given to this motorhome.


The interior was all original when we bought it in 2013, and while it was beautiful, it was also in need of some updating to make it a clean happy place again. We gutted it down to the frame, installed insulation, ran a lot of new wiring, put new wall panels on, a new ceiling, new floor, and had all the seats reupholstered.


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Bunk Beds

Another ingenious design from the 60s. The backrest of the couch pulls out and up to hook onto rings in the ceiling, creating a bunk bed. The result is comfortable single bed sized sleeping for two. The top bunk has been tested to comfortably hold at least 200 pounds. When flipped down you’d never know it was there.

Flip Seat

318ci V-8 Engine



Awnings are one of those things that you don’t give much thought to unless you don’t have them—then you wish you had them every single time you are outside. Ours are original Zip-Dee awnings, leaders in the industry still today. Perfect condition.


The ladder, and the roof railings, were another addition built by the original owner. The man was a talented welder. It’s a flawless design, matching the curves of the Travco perfectly. Compared to the mish-mash of ugly square ladders found on other Travcos—if they have anything at all—this is a thing of beauty.


We added 300 Watts of Renogy Solar Panels to the roof. These are wired through a 40amp converter, and from there to two Trojan batteries. The end result is that you never have to worry about power.

Bumper Box

The front bumper is a highlight of this bus. The original owner built this in the early 70s, along with a few other owners. They are a rare addition, but widely coveted in the Travco community. They do double duty as a window washing platform, and as a park bench.

Air Conditioner

The air conditioner is a 13,000 BTU unit, and new in 2014. It is tucked away on the floor of the pantry cabinet and vented outdoors. The ducting leads to the back bedroom, the living area, and to the front seating. This unit completely eliminated the need for a big roof unit that hangs down and takes away interior headroom.


Two 30-pound propane tanks reside in their own outdoor vented cabinet. They are plumbed to a switch that let’s you flip between tanks. There is also a twenty-foot hose for outdoor use with a gas grill. New in 2014 and up to current U.S. safety standards.

Hot Water Heater

The hot water heater has been used almost daily for the past two years. Works flawlessly. Remove the cover with two twist tabs, push the button, and light. In three minutes you’ll have hot water at any temperature you like.

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