Almost Time to Turn Left


Leaving our beachfront spot in Melaque. The heat has finally kicked in this year. As you can see, there isn’t much jockeying for space with other travelers by the end of May.

More beachfront camping, all alone in Cuyutlán.

Cuyutlán is a funny place, with at least a dozen restaurants lining the beach, each identical to the one next to it in every way except for their name. We chose El Excelente because they stood out for not naming the place after themselves. Unless that is the owners actual name, in which case, excellent.

Each restaurant has seating for hundreds. There were maybe twenty people on the beach this day. It was a Saturday. The restaurants also have these pools scattered all over the place. The kids had a ball.

Main Street, Saturday afternoon in Cuyutlán, Mexico.

It’s definitely gotten too hot out when this is the reaction to ice cream.

This is what makes driving in Mexico exhausting. Each of those yellow lines is a tope. If you drive 100 miles you will hit at least 100 topes. With our truck and trailer this means coming to almost a complete stop every time.

The state of Michoacán is incredible. The beaches look like this for hundreds of miles, with hardly any settlements along the entire stretch. We weren’t often able to pull over because there would be no shoulder, but there were so many beautiful looking beaches wedged in between mountains/hills along the way. An ideal looking slit of sand with hundreds of palms behind it would house nothing but a single tiny shack that you could just barely glimpse from Highway 200 way up above.

Roadside shrine. Stop and say your prayers.

Barra de Nexpa. Primitive little surf spot village we first visited in 2008 in the VW bus. Hasn’t changed a bit. Wicked surf, but unfortunately way too big for any of us. We literally couldn’t even walk out into the water knee deep, the rocks just got pounded up by the surf and wracked our feet. Cool place for a night, but if you’re not surfing these waves there is little else to do.

Back on the road to the next spot.


10 Comments on “Almost Time to Turn Left”

    1. Yes, north, inland. The coast is too hot, rainy, humid for living in a small 22′ trailer for four – for us anyways. Plus inland is so beautiful, it’s a nice change of scenery for a few months.

    1. Yes inland to cooler mountain elevations. You do know we have been traveling in old (fifty-year-old) vehicles for many years now, right? We got our pre-hitting the road routine down pretty good now.

  1. I totally agree the topes are terrible! At least you can see them when they have fresh yellow paint, the unpainted or faded ones just look like a shadow across the road. Cruise control is basically useless!

    1. We have missed a few topes over the years, thankfully we are usually traveling pretty slow already. And we don’t have cruise control, so good to know we aren’t missing out. 😉

    1. Temperatures are upper 80s with humidity 85-100%. Doable but we enjoy getting off the coast and enjoying the higher elevations and villages.

  2. Love the picture of the limes. I remember seeing a pickup full of limes in La Crucecita, selling them for about 1$ a bucket. We eat a lot of limes at about € 0,55 a piece here. But we always are sure they are from Mexico or Brazil.

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