We stayed in Guanajuato a few years ago, and it was great. The campground sat in a yard on one of the town’s hills overlooking a neighborhood just above the city center itself. Unfortunately there is no way our current bus was going to make it in there, which left … Read More

San Miguel de Allende

Another day in San Miguel de Allende. We visited the toy museum, watched a wedding party emerge from the big church, hung out in the park/playground, and generally just walked slowly and tried to soak it all in. Man, do they ever know how to have a wedding down here. … Read More

Reconsidering San Miguel

We finally dragged ourselves out of Patzcuaro. That was an easy place to spend a couple of weeks. From there we drove north, navigating around Morelia, to a middle of nowhere in particular place. A guy recently opened up an RV park near Cuitzeo, and was happy to have us … Read More

More Patzcuaro Wanderings

We thought we’d go visit Volcán Parícutin, fifty miles and two buses away from Patzcuaro. I’m not sure why we thought we could do this, a day after the kids narrowly escaped puking all over a bus. Actually, we thought it’d be all right because it would be a full … Read More

Carnita Carnage

Some days they play so well together, some days not so much. Just out on the edge of town is a hill called Cerro el Estribo that was said to be a nice hike. Ali and I prefer to hike downhill, so we grabbed a cab to the end of the … Read More

We Get a Pet

Ouest said she wanted a pet worm. The pet store was completely sold out of worms, but we did find this lovely millipede just hanging out under a rock. She’s adorable, but a little camera shy. We all love her to death. This campground is a lovely spot to have … Read More


Day two in Morelia the sky was blue and it was time to give the place another chance. Kids and balloons. Lowe’s string broke two minutes after this picture. I chased the balloon for about three seconds before it was out of reach. Three more seconds and the tears began … Read More

Only by Land—Morelia

I was thinking today about how different our travels are on land versus on the boat—how much easier it is to thoroughly explore a country by land. Yesterday we visited Tzintzuntza and today we are in Morelia. Two cities that would never be on the radar of a cruiser. I … Read More

Try Saying Tzintzuntza

We visited the nearby town of Tzintzuntza today. Taxis are so cheap here that it’s almost a crime not to venture off to the other towns around the lake. We walked around the neighborhoods a bit, where not much was happening. We walked around the market a bit, where not … Read More

Around Patzcuaro

Hanging out around Patzcuaro. The weather is perfect, the campground is empty, the town is active—there’s no reason to go anywhere. Ouest made some necklaces, then made signs announcing she would sell them to us for five pesos each. She is constantly angling for ways to get her hands on … Read More

Isla de Janitzio

The Patzcuaro town library, housed in a 16th century temple. Man, the book selection is meager. Access to amazing libraries in just about any town is one of the biggest things we Americans take for granted. The children’s book section in our bus absolutely blows away this town of 50,000+ … Read More