Love Motel


We’d been inland for a couple of months, and we were starting to miss the beach. But a week or two down here in July has reminded us why we never spent a summer on the boat in Mexico—it’s just too hot to enjoy. It’s one thing if there are … Read More

Hot on the Beach


We’re down in Zipolite which is a beautiful, sort of away-from-it-all, type place. Unfortunately the beaches in this area are almost universally unsafe for swimming, especially for small children. However, it’s too hot and humid down here to do anything but go to the beach. So we tried a couple … Read More

Lowe is Four—Unofficially


Nobody in history has ever cared less about their age. Ask Lowe how old he is and he’ll answer—or maybe he won’t, depending on his mood—two, five, nine, eleventeen. So when it came time to give him his first pedal bike—and his birthday was still a month off—we just said … Read More

Puerto Escondido


We pulled into Puerto Escondido and made our way through a ten foot wide alley between an OXXO and a restaurant to a tiny campground across the street from the beach—Zicatela, Mexico’s Pipeline. It’s an insanely perfect camping location, though the campground itself is a bit of a dump. But … Read More

Highway 131


Yesterday we set off from Oaxaca bound for Puerto Angel along the coast. It took a while to escape the Oaxacan sprawl, but following the signs for Po. Angel was easy enough, right up until we came to the fork in the road—neither left nor right listed the highway number … Read More

Leaving Oaxaca


Nearly three weeks into our one week stay in Oaxaca we started to get ready to bail out. Honestly, we’re not huge fans of the city itself. It had its pluses and minuses, but overall the city didn’t win us over. What won Oaxaca for us was the abundance of … Read More

Stupid Fun


On our way out to Cuilapan de Guerrero Lowe kept saying, “I don’t want to go to toopid ruins.” Ali would reply, “Well, Mama does, and then we’ll go do something that you want to do.” When we got there both kids tore off like they were at an amusement … Read More

Markets and Ruins


Walked around the Mercado de Abastos—supposedly the biggest outdoor market in Mexico—although I think calling it outdoor just because the building doesn’t have walls is cheating a bit. There are always a ton of interesting sites in Mexico’s markets, and though we really don’t ever need much besides a bagful of … Read More

Hierve el Agua


Hierve el Agua—the water boils—isn’t really an apt name for this place. The water that bubbles out of the rocks is only about 75 degrees. It is loaded with minerals, however, which is what really put it on the map. We got there early—as in before ten o’clock—and there were … Read More

Around Oaxaca


There are lots of little towns around Oaxaca as well as a lot of archaeological sites to tromp around. We’ve been doing our best to see them all. The Tlacolula Sunday market was full of traditional dress, food, and farm animals. One section was lined with people standing side-by-side with … Read More

Lowe Rider


Pedaling away on a bike. Remember that sudden sense of freedom? Lowe tasted it today. I had taken Ouest and Lowe for a bike ride around the neighborhood when he asked me if he could try “Da’s bike” again. When we got back to the bus I grabbed the wrench … Read More

Monte Alban


There’s a lot to see in and around Oaxaca, so when we got a good deal on a rental car we jumped on that and have been ripping back and forth across the city ever since. This morning we drove on up to Monte Albán, a nice looking archaeological site … Read More