Washington, D.C.


D.C. is kind of like New York for us, in the respect that it is chock full of things that we’ve seen our entire lives, but never in person. It’s nice to finally see these places with our own eyes. Washington is an exhausting place to see on foot. It’s 2 … Read More

Lucy the Elephant


We had a few quiet days in Ocean City on the Jersey Shore. Clouds rolled through, the boardwalk more or less closed up, and restaurants in town were nonexistent. After the hectic pace in New York, this was just about right. Then the sun came back out. “Yeah, yeah, beach, … Read More

Ocean City


Ocean City. Do you know how many towns are named Ocean City? I don’t either, but I’ll bet it’s a bunch. We’re in the one in Jersey, for a bit. Our friend, Charlotte, whipped these drapes up for us right before we left. Makes leaving the back of the truck … Read More



We went to the Yankees game on 9/11. I suppose I was expecting something interesting or memorable—or maybe we were just there because it was an afternoon game on a Sunday. Instead of a flyover from fighter jets, we got a PA system playing “All You Need Is Love” by … Read More

Bloody Brooklyn


In our unintentional quest to go places that make native New Yorkers laugh, we took the tram across the East River to Roosevelt Island. I’d never heard of Roosevelt Island, or the tram, but hey, kids love a good tram ride, and it’s part of the transit system, so we … Read More

Staten Island


Since we’ve been here a while we’ve been able to go off and visit a few places that probably aren’t really at the top of anyone’s New York City to-do list—like take the Staten Island Ferry, and actually get off of it on the Staten Island side. We did, and … Read More

A Political Parade


We saw that the West Indian American Labor Day Parade (that’s a mouthful) started at 11 a.m., and we thought, “Perfect.” We’re so gullible. We got there at 11 and found a place right up against the fence. “Perfect.” The parade kicked off at eleven. “Perfect.” And then, for the … Read More

Coney Island


Coney Island on a late summer day. What could be better if you’re an Italian kid from Brooklyn? Or, if you’re not in a movie, then what could be a better day than this, just before the rain and winds from yet another hurricane/tropical storm/whatever show up from somewhere in … Read More

Central Park & Chinatown


The thing about New York is that the entire city is iconic. Every inch of it—it sometimes feels—is identifiable through some memory of a song, tv show, movie, photo, something. So walking around you quickly feel like you know the place. A couple of weeks in we’re already giving directions … Read More

Manhattan & Brooklyn


The last few days we’ve just sort of been wandering around Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Transit Museum, the High Line, Pier One Park, Bryant Park, and random neighborhood parks. The weather has been beautiful, the pizza cheap and delicious, the beer usually too warm, and the mood generally way more … Read More

Statue of Liberty


A couple of months back we asked Lowe where he would like to go for his birthday. He said, “The Statue of Liberty.” And we had intended to make that happen. Things happen, though, and we missed it by two weeks. Today we finally got to go, and it was pretty … Read More

NYC Tourists


It’s funny how in a huff New Yorkers get about their city if you’re off exploring one of the hundreds of landmarks that have identified New York City to the world for a couple hundred years. As if those sites aren’t a part of New York, or as if that’s … Read More