From Maz to Sayulita


One last trip up to the lighthouse, and then it was time to say adios to Mazatlan.

There seem to be more cats each time we go. Always well fed and watered by the locals that walk/run the path each day. We always come prepared as well.

There are always fun little waves for boogie boarding in Mazatlan.

Eye right on the ball like a champ.

Taking the slow road to Sayulita.

We immediately became co-owners of Tango and Mambo, the campground cats. They wait outside the door and come inside the moment we open up in the morning.

This was Ouest’s Christmas present. It’s a 5’6″ fish. I wanted to make sure it was a good fit, and wanted Lowe to try it out before we got him his own. But, of course, he wants nothing to do with her board. For the first time in memory, he cares about the color pink.

Back with old friends. There are a ton of kids around this year. Most of them are even younger than ours, unfortunately. But still, always lots of friends around to play with when in Sayulita. Always feels a bit like a hippie commune.


26 Comments on “From Maz to Sayulita”

    1. You can thank Ali for that. It’s a new addition. I will say that it’s nice not having to spend hours transcribing directions from Google maps into a notepad, though. 🙂

  1. Looks pretty great. We’re in our RV in San Felipe now. Kind of Baja Lite. Hopefully this convinces my wife we can go further south next year.

  2. hey man! if you want come to Cuernavaca, Mexico! we can make a trade, your knowledge in trading vs place to stay and tour by a local me!

  3. Your son reminds me of a puppy whos paws and forearms are growing at a faster rate than the body, providing a glimpse of the man to be.

  4. I admire the “8 legs” on the front seat shot! Truly a family of friends going down the road together. ..

  5. Missed you guys again… I figured you’d be heading back to Sayulita, I was there since before Christmas, kinda keeping my eye out for you. Decided to spend a month in Oaxaca, but Sayulita was kinda hard to leave.

    Have a taco at El Ivans for me…

  6. Hi, found your blog via our friends at SV Maple. We’d love to visit Sayulita one day, but would fly in (from Vancouver BC). We have a trailer too, but that is a little out of our range of travel right now. Any recommended B&B’s, cottages to rent or similar around?…thanks, Karen

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