Barefoot and Fancy-Free


I’ve been working on a couple projects lately, and have been slow to get through pics. I don’t have a lot to say about these few days. Just more of our laid-back life.

The kids love it when I play this game. For $30 pesos you get three rocks. Hit a bottle, win a beer, hit two and get two beers, hit three and get a six pack. My biggest issue with this is that these beers cost about $8 pesos. So unless you never miss, you are basically just buying beer (and not even good beer) at a premium.

Look who got her braces off.


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  1. That was quick -usually they stay on for one or two years … it hasn’t been two years right?? How come you didn’t have them done in Mexico? I know lots of people who vacation in Mexico to get their dental work done. Kids are just beautiful!

    1. No it hasn’t been two years! They are starting at an earlier age now, getting things in line, especially their bite as things are easier to move when the palate is still soft (before age 8). She had 6 months of treatment (two brackets were on baby teeth), she will need them again at age 12 – but hopefully just for a short period of time again. She had a total of 6 brackets on the top teeth only.
      And yes we would have gotten them in Mexico but we weren’t in Mexico at the time and had no plans to stay in one place for six-months (in the U.S. or Mexico) so we made the decision that we would just make it work and see family while we were at it. It was only 6 months and a total of 4 flights. It is part of being a traveling family. I myself have had 3 root canals and a few crowns here in Puerto Vallarta. The fun never stops.

    1. It is indeed. And it’s junk rigged. I’ve seen it around a few times now. I posted that pic because I thought a few people would like to see that. Doesn’t surprise me that you spotted it, Alan. 🙂

  2. There is a family in La Cruz who sailed one like it from…. England! They have the art studio/screen printing/coffee shop there, and a print of that strange cat!

  3. Can’t get enough of your pics. The kids look truly at home. Really love the one on the beach with the clothes in piles, just shrugged off before jumping in the surf!

  4. Bums (Patrick & Ali)-
    I can count the number of times that I have posted on a social media space or a blog or such, on my hands. (I offer this up as to why I have been such an ardent fan and not contacted you prior to this.) About three or four years ago (when you were on your mono off Mazatlán) I stumbled across your blog and read the crap out of it. I was blown away by the chutzpah of cashing out and taking off on a sailboat. I dig wanderlust. Seemed like a plan I could get behind. So, I read your books and started hinting around to my wife, and, in 2015, after a great weekend of mountain biking and camping (kind of a run of the mill weekend for us, but it became this huge watershed moment) with the family we had an epiphany and decided that we were ready for a change. And that leads to this post. Thank you Patrick & Ali!!!! for inspiring us to switch it up. In short, we read your stuff, got inspired, sold all our crap, and today we are nine months and 7500 miles into spending our kids’ college money (and whatever other money I can come across). Thank you for putting your story out there and inspiring us. One last note, in 1999 when my wife finished grad school we had 2 months to burn before her new job started, and we took our $1230 (and a fair amount of naivety about how much it costs for two people to live in Mexico for 8 weeks and what a 24-hour bus ride there feels like) and we headed with backpacks south. We hung out in Sayulita for a few weeks and it was by far our favorite. It’s nice to see your photos and that the town looks to still be hanging onto some of its soul. Thanks again.
    Travis Julia

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