Jumping the Shark

Has Sayulita jumped the shark? Or was it just inevitable that our time there would come to an end? I don’t know, but after this visit, I’m not sure there will be any more.

Three things happened this week. They always happen in threes, right? One, the kids’ bikes were stolen. First time we’ve ever had anything go missing in all our years in Mexico. Fortunately, the kids weren’t upset, despite the fact that there really aren’t many petty crimes lower than stealing children’s toys. We’ve always told the kids that if our stuff gets stolen it’s because that person needed it worse than we did. They took that to heart, and were over it immediately. Amazingly, though, the campground had video. The guy who trims the coconut trees watched it, recognized the teenager who stole them, and led the police to him. A couple days later the cops came back with the bikes.

The much bigger issue was that the old lady who owns the campground has mental health issues. She began to act extremely erratic/unsafe around our kids. I’m not going to go into details (spending hours rehashing the experience again, and probably sounding crazy myself) other than to say that there is no excuse for a 75 year-old woman to bring a 7 year-old girl to tears. She’s a truly horrible person, and unless she leaves, we won’t be returning to the Sayulita Trailer Park.

And lastly, some jerk backed into our truck which was parked on a wide open street with enough room for three cars, bent up the front quarter-panel and bumper, then took off while we continued to enjoy the kids’ birthday party we were at.

We left Sayulita with a terrible taste in our mouth. It’s sad, considering the amount of time we’ve spent there through the years. We love the place, but have been feeling for a while like maybe it’s time to move on from it, to find the next great spot. When we first came to Sayulita it was already a little touristy. I’d say it was a 10/90 gringo to Mexican mix. It’s now at least 50/50. When a place gets to the point that the only Mexicans left in it are there to serve the gringo tourists in one way or another, then it’s not the kind of place we want to be in.

Anyway, this is our farewell to Sayulita. It’s been great. We have more wonderful memories than we can count, built right there on that beach. But for us, something has changed now, and it’s time to move on.

Down the road a couple miles is San Pancho. It’d be the next Sayulita if not for one thing—the waves. The beach is steep there, and sucks for pretty much anyone except very experienced surfers. But it’s a fun place to hang out with friends for a few hours.

Last days in the Sayulita surf.

Saying goodbye to friends. Within two days, every family with kids would be gone from the Sayulita Trailer Park.

Fortunately, not even ten miles down the road is the sleepy village of Lo de Marcos, with a much more beautiful beach, a completely empty surf break, and a far better and less expensive campground. The trade-off is that the town is extremely quiet, and sorely lacking in food choices.