Leaving Minnesota


Spent the last few days in Minnesota hanging out with family. Especially fun times were to be had at “The Great Minnesota Get Together.” Otherwise known as the State Fair.

Lowe getting Grandpa to bust out the wallet. Smart kid.

One minute they were watching Grandpa and Lowe, and the next…

Aunt Katy is about the last adult that is willing to go on the spinner rides—the rest of us have lost the stomach for those. Ouest will always love Katy for this fact alone.

Every year we are those jerks that the go-kart ride operators have to yell at for the entirety of our five laps on the track. The racing gets intense. This year, in a race that will live on through the generations, my nephew, Curt, took out Grandpa in the final lap after shadowing him for the entire race. He completely spun him out, to the point that they had to run out onto the track to stop other racers from t-boning him. During post-race interviews Curt admitted it was payback for Grandpa putting him into the wall the year before. I salute Curt for completing and winning his one-year grudge-fest.

This girl was taking no prisoners either—even with her little boy in the car.

More spinning rides.

Getting ready to leave the fair, hours later than we had expected to be. Still the best State Fair out there.


10 Comments on “Leaving Minnesota”

  1. Family fun at it’s best! Faces of joy. Is there anything better?

    BTW – Ouest’s teeth look amazing!

    1. Yes her teeth are NICE. It only took a year? Mine were done when I was older, suffered a lot! Newer methods must be better.

      1. Ouest’s teeth are AMAZING. Starting at age 6, getting them off 7-months later, the change is unreal. They can fix the bite/jaw alignment easily as their palates are still soft (until about age 8). At that time it is much harder to move things around. She may still need braces at age 12, but it would just be to straighten teeth and would be for a short period of time. Now to get Lowe in and see what he needs.

  2. If the new boat survives Irma and you decide to come up to the northern Gulf stop by and see us on Dog Island. No services here but decent anchorage in our harbor.

  3. Hi
    I just jumped onboard today. Great pictures and blog and interesting to see my own “backyard”. thanks for helping us through the winter.
    K. Paul
    Maple Grove, MN

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