We’ve been out in Portland for a couple weeks visiting Grammy, and helping her recover after having a new, bionic, Tesla powered solar hip put in. That’s meant a whole lot of hanging out at home together, and not a lot else. She’s doing super, by the way.

The scene all over old NE Portland these days. Tear down the house, maybe save the garage.

The drive out to Hood River to pick apples. Wildfires were out/under control and they had just reopened the Gorge. We took the Washington side of the river out there, though. Much more scenic drive over there.

So nice to be able to fill up the tank for free before hitting the road for the long drive back to the city.

I’m not sure which is the donor car, but this one felt like Portland to me.

Respect for the guy who matches his house to his car.

Normal life resumes soon. It’s been a hectic three months or so bouncing around from one home to another and not ever really feeling settled in. All of us are excited to get homeโ€”and to really finish making the new boat our home. We barely had time to unload a duffel bag before it was time to get out of the way of Hurricane Irma. Fingers crossed that somehow the big storms are done for the season.

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  1. Hope Grammy continues to do well. Good job she has the battery backup to solar being in Portland.

    Love how you always seem to find a bug.

    Amen on the storms. We are so ready for this hurricane season to be over. It’s been okay sitting here in Grenada but we have quiet a few friends and family members who have losses.

    Mark and Cindy
    sv Cream Puff

  2. Always love pictures of home (Oregon). We were in Parkdale a few years back and I felt like I had returned back to 1972. They had, what seemed like, a good integration program for Spanish speaking kids. It looked interesting.. Sad how Portland has changed. I know a lot of people who grew up there and can’t afford to live there anymore on there retirement. Glad your boat is OK.

  3. We love the Hood River area. Glad to see clearer skies. We spent a good chunk of the summer in Oregon and the air quality has been horrible with the fires. Best of luck with better weather and the new boat. Always great to see you guys embarking on a new adventure.

  4. I’m happy that Grammy id doing well. I’m looking forward to the further adventures of the Bumfuzzle family as you readapt to living at sea.

  5. Pat: “All of us are excited to get homeโ€”and to really finish making the new boat our home. We barely had time to unload a duffel bag before it was time to get out of the way of Hurricane Irma. Fingers crossed that somehow the big storms are done for the season.”

    It would be good if there are no more named storms the rest of this hurricane season, Pat, but that’s not what the statistics suggest. With September (almost) behind us (it’s typically the worst month for hurricanes), the odds improve, but in an active year like this one we could easily see a couple more bad storms develop before this season ends. I think I read somewhere that there is a 70% chance of two more named storms before December 1st.

    You might consider cruising north from St. Augustine and getting north of Cape Hatteras for the next two months to increase your safety margin. If I were self-insured (I’m not assuming you are), I’d wait until the season ends December 1st before heading south. That’s the usual cruising pattern that’s been established over many, many years, though I know you’re reluctant to just follow the crowd. That said, you have the safety of your beautiful family and wonderful vessel to consider, Pat, and the islands will still be there after November.


    1. That’s all well in good, in theory. But the reality of taking a boat that you’ve spent one week on, and heading out on a ~700 mile trip, while simultaneously working, in order to give yourself a slightly better chance of not getting hit by some future possible storms, is not very realistic at all. A trip to Hatteras would likely take us an absolute minimum of two weeks on the inside, barring any breakdowns during what would be the shakedown cruise.

      Also worth pointing out. I don’t make the decisions in our family on my ownโ€”Ali is an equal participant.

      We’ll continue to ride out whatever comes, while staying safe by getting ourselves out of the way. The boat, at the end of the day, is just a boat. And yes, I say that while also being self-insured.

      1. Careful with the self insured. Marinas are more and more likely to require you show them proof of insurance before they’ll let you dock. I know you don’t dock a lot, but it’s something to keep in mind.

      2. I understand your reasoning, Pat, and can’t dispute your logic at all. You could even add that there’s no guarantee that moving north of Cape Hatteras wouldn’t actually put you in the path of an unpredictable storm that had no effect on St. Augustine. After all, Sandy was a late October ‘cane that made landfall well north of Hatteras.

        Although the historical landfall tracks (http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/data/#tracks_us) don’t indicate any landfalls near St. Augustine, Hurricane Dora in 1964 was the exception. Of course, they don’t have to be direct hits to cause problems, as Irma surely proved.

        If you take your time getting familiar with your new vessel and its systems while enjoying the waters in the St. Augustine area, and you delay dropping any deeper into the hurricane box for awhile, it could work out well. Best of luck with your cruising plans this winter, Pat . . . it will be interesting reading your current thoughts as you guys re-experience the Caribbean islands as a family.


  6. End of November, of course, is when the official Season ends. In October, these things usually start coming off the Gulf with little warning. This weekend’s low (up from Cuba) probably would have grown to a hurricane, had Irma not take most of the ‘energy’ out of the atmosphere already. The GOOD news is, that the storms coming out of the Gulf are usually much less severe than the ones which work their way over the Atlantic. Still keeping my plywood ready though!

  7. Huge old Airhead fan, aka air cooled BMWs. I’ve owned, gulp, 31 of ’em over the years. R90/6 not one of my faves. ATE brakes are a pain to repair (later Brembo brakes much better) and no Nikasel sleeve in heads… valve recession is a problem. BMW sold a boat load of ’em (this was back in the Butler & Smith days, before BMW NA brought them in) and you see R90/6 all over the place.

  8. Best wishes to all the “Bums” and Grammy too! Glad to hear she is doing so well. We are REALLY looking forward to this new part of your life’s adventure. Can’t wait!!

  9. Always nice photos Pat! Your looking a little tired though! Time for a new wardrobe, hair cut, and shave that awful mustach! I owned a Grand Banks I hope you really enjoy yours! , awesome boats!

    1. Wow, Mike, I’ve known some assholes in my life, and let me just say, you are a true asshole. But glad to hear you’ve figured out what is really important in life.

      1. After reading Mike’s comments, I was hoping that he was someone you know and just being sarcastic. However, after your replies, unfortunately, I think not! In the immortal lyrics of Lonsome Bob…” it’d be sad if it weren’t so funny ๐Ÿ˜‚; it’d be funny if it weren’t so sad ๐Ÿ˜ญ “

  10. So glad you are with Grammy while she recovers. I’m sure we will be seeing pics of the kids and Grammy making pies, etc. with all of those lovely apples. Much luck as you plan the boat outfitting and your new adventures. Mike and Lorraine

  11. Had to laugh reading Mike’s comments. I get ’em too. If you would cut your beard (I keep it trimmed, and all the gray is well earned) or wear this, or that, blah blah blah.

    I just smile at people when they say that. I’ve ridden old BMWs (not the new plastic fantastic ones) 7 times across this continent, New Zealand, Australia. Hawaii and Alaska on my two feet.

    By and large most people who comment on my wardrobe or hair have never been 300 miles from their house.

    The best revenge is living well. Steady on Bumfuzzles. Steady on.

  12. Saw your boat in the Camachee Marina on Google Earth, the date on the sat. image was Sept. 12, 2017! Looked around the marina for your Travellall, and might have a possible sighting by the office. Nice photos of Ore-gon, my daughter lives in Portland (I’m stuck in Denver) and we just recently visited Multnomah Falls and Portland Zoo (one of the worlds best!). I love the Grand Banks but I’m still in love with the Cat. This will be great for your family, better than the monohull (although, I loved that boat too) Hope all is well, Stew.

    1. Cool. If you can do a screen grab of it – please email it to us. (Yes I know we could do it ourselves but haven’t been on Google Earth for years.) I think the GB will be a good home for us – and yes we have had many great ones over the years. Cannot wait to get her out on the hook! Thanks, Stew!

  13. Hi Guys, I ‘think’ I sent screenshots from the marina through my google email. I hope you guys get them! There were 5 of them. It seems like you can only send one at a time. Best, Stew

    1. Point taken. ๐Ÿ™‚ Although, those are classic CA plates and they didn’t begin making vanity plates until later.

  14. Great to see your new post – especially loved the dahlia fields in front of snow covered mountains – pure Oregon fall! Hope your trip back goes well!

  15. Hey Pat,
    I live in NE and long time Hood Riverite. I know that with any free time, your first desire would be to talk trades with one of your OM and Wanderer newbies. If I can make that happen, beers and burritos on me. ๐Ÿ™‚ This little bird needs a forceful push out of the nest! Enjoy the PNW while your here. Nice to have scored a beautiful fall weather window.

    1. Hey JP, sorry, I’d already left Portland, or I would have been happy to get together. Shoot me an e-mail and I’ll be happy to talk trading, and give you that push. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. flew back to Melbourne from Woodbury Minn last Saturday! nothing but rain in Melbourne– But heh i enjoy every day! flying Sun Country is the best! Spirit airlines sucks! all the best to Mom! steve

  17. You guys still planning on heading south through the Caribbean? Our sailboat took a lightning strike in the Exumas prior to Irma & Maria, forcing us back to S. Florida (where we are currently) for repairs. With the yards backed up w/hurricane repairs and the devastation in our intended cruising Islands, we’re contemplating selling the boat and transitioning to some over land travel. I hate to “bail” on the Islands when they need the help most, but our travel time is limited and the land route is looking more and more like the path of least resistance. Interested to hear your thoughts and looking forward to tomorrow’s newsletter.
    Best. Barrett

  18. The Bums are Back on a Boat! Who woulda thunk?
    I gotta catch up. Kinda stopped following when y’all went land based. Kids look great.
    We’re in Jax, have friends who live on Doctors Lake and they also got swamped. Looking forward to the next seaward adventures of the Bums. Looks like the GB engine room is much improved from the last Bum. And now you have twins!

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