This guy turned six. Already. He spent the morning hanging out with his second best buddy. Then made cupcakes with his first best buddy. We tried to keep things similar to our traditional boat/bus birthdays, with balloons and cupcakes, but somehow we weren’t able to keep the pile of gifts … Read More

Six Years Old

Six years. Like all parents, I’m constantly surprised by the years ticking by. Ouest is a big girl. She’s tall, she’s smart, she’s sweet. At six I think she is still more innocent than any child her age I’ve ever known. Today she came up to me looking upset. “Tango … Read More

Almost a Birthday

We’d had two days of rain—which is pretty crazy around here in winter, and without a hurricane nearby—and weren’t sure if we could trust the weather forecast for Ouest’s birthday, so we pushed it back a day. I love that our now six-year-old daughter is so carefree about a change … Read More