After the U.S. finally allowed us back in the country, we continued on in boogie mode. We had a trip to Minnesota planned, flying out of Austin in a few days, and in that time we had to complete the purchase of our new boat, and get all the pics … Read More

Sick Kid and Truck

Sort of a random week. We were hustling to leave Corpus by Thursday. Our new awning came in and was installed on Monday, but they ran into problems, so we had to bring it back out again on Tuesday. Not a big deal, but a bit of a pain in … Read More

Texas Beach Life

Port Aransas beach. South Texas is not nearly as warm as you might think it would be—at least not if you grew up in Minnesota and assumed everything south of Iowa was tropical in the winter. Mexican air-conditioning. Only kids can manage to be hot in this weather. In Port … Read More

Small World

Chance encounters happen all the time as a traveler. You’re on the top of a pyramid and you spot someone wearing a t-shirt from your high-school, or you are at a beach bar and you recognize someone from grade school. Things like that. But this one was different. I was … Read More

Corpus Truck Work

We left Houston on a beeline for Laredo for our crossing into Mexico. Along the way we stopped in a couple state parks. We haven’t had much luck on the weather front lately—it rained for days, reminding us very clearly of two things. One: The one thing that we regret … Read More

Cadillac Ranch

Finished up the work on the bus yesterday. Some new brake pads, wheel cylinder, carb rebuild, and a Petronix ignitor. It really is amazing what a guy who knows his carbs can do with these things. It’s dialed in so nicely right now. If you remember the trouble I was … Read More

Brakes, Carbs, and Amarillo

If someone had told me we’d be in Amarillo, Texas, for an entire week I’d have laughed them right out of the room. Because, Amarillo. Really? But here we are. Yesterday we brought the bus in to have the brakes checked out. The problem was just a leaky wheel cylinder, … Read More


We’re in Amarillo, and aren’t entirely sure why. We started out headed for the Palo Duro Canyon State Park. We were cruising along some state highway when the road dipped down into the Canyon, or at least one nearby. When I say dipped I mean it went straight down for … Read More

Still Somewhere in Texas

We are up in small-town country Texas now. Driving through places with names like Paducah. Tonight we settled in at Caprock Canyons State Park in the overflow camper parking. Apparently it’s finally the time of year that people actually need reservations for these types of things. We are very very … Read More

Somewhere in Texas

Just had a couple of slow days just driving in a northerly direction. Last night we swung into the Abilene RV Park—a standard sort of dump right smack dab on the interstate. There I was informed that they could not rent us a space for one night because our RV … Read More

Gorman Falls

What do you know, the kids are old enough to go on a hike without being carried the entire way. We set out on a three-mile hike to Gorman Falls this morning in really cold weather, which was actually sort of nice. The kids had a nice time tromping down … Read More

Colorado Bend State Park

Yesterday we drove to Llano, a small Texas hill country town, west of Austin. Yes, we missed Austin yet again. I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve driven through Texas and somehow we have never gone through what has to be one of the most hyped cities in America. … Read More