Around the Marina

Still working on getting some teak work done. In typically American fashion, the guy we hired was told by the marina that he needed a million-dollar insurance policy. That delayed us a week. Nowhere else in the world would hiring someone to do this sort of work require anything like … Read More

Superheroes, Dolls, and Fairies

When a superhero is making banana bread she should always wear her cape. This is the top deck steering station. Seeing as we’re ripping out all the big old chartplotters, and the boat is 31 years old, there is plenty of wiring to rip out. I just like to clean … Read More

Sliding Back Into Boat Life

Transitioning back to boat life has been pretty easy. The kids are happy—Lowe has said for years that he wanted to live on a boat, as he doesn’t really remember the last boat, other than through pictures. It rains like crazy in Florida this time of year, but the boat … Read More

The Boat Gods Smile

These two would totally ask each other to Homecoming right now. Grammy is doing fantastic after a hip replacement. I left Portland a couple days ahead of the rest of the gang, as my help was really no longer needed, and there were some projects on the boat that would … Read More