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Still working on getting some teak work done. In typically American fashion, the guy we hired was told by the marina that he needed a million-dollar insurance policy. That delayed us a week. Nowhere else in the world would hiring someone to do this sort of work require anything like this. Try as I might not to let it, my home country drives me nuts.

Each morning we go out for a scooter and skateboard ride, and each morning we end up here collecting bugs and miscellaneous hurricane detritus. They’ve gone so far as to build a path well out into the water out of dock scraps.

Boat zip line.

We’ve had a few crazy windy days and haven’t been able to actually swim beyond knee deep, but it’s still nice to be living a minute from the beach.

To give a sense of how many major projects there are to do on this boat, here I am spending my valuable time scrubbing out the holes in the teak shower floor. We’re now free to create our own shower slime.

Hurricane season is winding down. It won’t be too many weeks before this picture has an island beach in the background instead.

In my best Kiwi accent I asked her, “Is that a bowline?” Note: she can tie a bowline, but still struggles to tie one around a pole. Lowe just asks his sister if he needs a knot.

Morning explorations.

The flip was switched on the Florida weather this week. Chilly mornings, condensation on the windows.

We found this guy floating through the marina. We had hoped we could save him, but he was already dead. The tears came hot and fast to Ouest’s eyes. We talk daily about what all this garbage we see around us means to our oceans. Good lesson for the kids, but still hard to see.

Getting the water out of the hull. Needed some extra muscle. Also realizing that I need to pack a scraper on the next trip to the beach.

The back locker—270 gallons of water, extra props, emergency tiller, gas, a dozen dock lines, dinghy cover, three power cords, hoses, buckets, cleaning stuff, fishing poles, and tons more. I’m loving this massive storage space to make boat stuff disappear into.

Uncle Josh crossed Florida to come spend the weekend with us. Somehow our paths miss each other all too often, so it was great to actually be able to spend time together. This is the first time we’ve lived in the same state in twenty years.




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    1. Looks like monofilament on it’s right flipper cut into the skin and probably led to infection. Tell Ouest to keep trying to help wildlife and educate more people about the effects of pollution.

    2. Yeah fishing line around it’s flipper and a growth on it’s mouth. Brings a tear to my eye envisioning the filth that turtle had to swim in.

  1. Today’s post made me laugh and feel sad 😟
    Sad for the poor turtle and our oceans.

    Laugh when I realized that Dolly gets sent on all sorts of exploratory missions, and I’m sure you meant to say “the switch got flipped”!? 🤗

    Still enjoying your exploits! Fuzzle on!

    1. Haha, flip was switched. As you can see, I write in a steady stream of consciousness, and don’t read through a second time. However, I will be taking this up with my editor. Ali!!!

  2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider coming through the keys and exploring the West Coast of Florida. My wife and I would love to meet your family in St. Petersburg. Great boating on the west side of the State.

  3. NPR just had a program yesterday about plastics in our food and water, not to mention all the trash in our oceans and waterways. Sad about the turtle. Looking forward to your upcoming adventures. How soon will there be islands in the background of your pics?

    1. MUST be moving by end of January (to avoid paying state of Florida sales tax), have teak work starting tomorrow (a week late), a new Cruise RO water maker on its way, new chain needed, must sell a 50-year-old truck….Oh and Pat is still working full time. So soon-ish. Would love to be there by the holidays, but we will see how the next few weeks pan out.

  4. Wow! I’ve been reading you guys for years. Since way back… when you had tiny pictures but still great accounts of
    crossing oceans on a catamaran.

    Somehow the grass is still greener where you are. I want some frost on my windows. We’re melting in South East Asia.

    You guys were a huge inspiration for me. Thanks for that!

    1. The small thumbnail photos and just a few, if any, back in the beginning. Things have changed!

      Thanks for the kind words and good luck in SE Asia. Stay cool!

    1. Hello, Fritz! Yes first The Bahamas, then probably somewhere northeast U.S. for hurricane season, then hopefully off next fall for an extended cruise to the Caribbean or the Great Loop, or….

  5. Your kids are getting the best start to a education they could ever receive. They will understand the importance of our environment so much more with the experiences that you are giving them than they ever could sitting in a room at a desk.
    Thank you very much Pat for all of your time spent giving us,” your followers” the opportunity to share in your life.
    Tim Nolte

  6. You guys better be careful, if the marina sees Dolly like that you might have to get her a life jacket. ; ) We are doing the RV life now and won’t get back to FL until after Jan. Can’t believe you guys are now so close to where I have been for the last 30 years. One day Bums, one day.

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