While Uncle JJ was in town we went on over to the lighthouse.

I don’t know what Lowe was doing, but I swear he wasn’t going to the bathroom in the corner.

And from there we went to the fort in town.

We’re going to have to start keeping the catfish for dinner.

Ouest: [after spending a non-stop hour singing] “I can’t decide what I should be when I grow up. Should I be a painter, or a singer?”

Lowe: [without a moment’s hesitation] “A singer! I like your singing.”

Ouest: [smile reaches from ear to ear]

Me: [heart melts]

‘Twas the day before Halloween…

Out of their pile of dress-up clothes, Ouest put together a server (waitress) outfit, and Lowe chose the fighter pilot. Once again we found the one neighborhood in the city who makes a big deal of Halloween (it seems each city has one), and we had a great time.

And of course, there was the inevitable sorting to be done.



11 Comments on “Halloween”

  1. I used to LOVE sorting out the Halloween candy! I’ll bet the kids like having their own room. Lots of room to play, and I like the little table between the beds. Sweet. As I was reading this, I thought, boy, I’ll bet the kids sleep soundly at night. Seems they are always doing and going, lots of stairs to climb, beaches to run, etc. What a life, huh?

    1. It took me awhile to find a small enough table to fit their room and that could also be stored. Happy so far but the salt life will be hard on it. And yes, there are no complaints at bedtime, they are both ready by 7:30.

  2. I got a big smile on my face when I saw that familiar green Presidente beer case. That has been with you guys for a long time.

  3. Those two just seem to grow more adorable with each passing post. That Lowe is quite a good sport when it comes to the tea parties. I never had much success at reeling my bro into that…Ouest should be proud of her persuasive “girl power. ” And she should be both…both a painter and a singer…like Joni Mitchell, a painter with singing as a sideline. 😉

    1. Ouest is smart, she gets Lowe’s favorite snack and he will happily sit there with her. Until they are gone at least.

  4. Always love reading your posts. They make me smile and keep me motivated. I like reading the comments too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Both of them are growing so much, I’ve been following you guys since they were babies, thanks for sharing them growing up, and the boats, cars, RVs. 🙂
    But more than anything, I always have loved your VW and other interesting car pictures, please keep those coming.

    My adventure is stalled right now with working for a living, but, I sure enjoy watching your adventures.

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