With Christmas right around the corner we let Ouest and Lowe exchange their gifts to each other a few days early—Lowe got a Captain’s hat, and Ouest got a Little House on the Prairie bonnet. Both of them were super stoked. Finally underway. That look pretty much says it all. … Read More


Crunch time. No matter how long you take to get ready to go cruising, the last week will be insane. Our Bum friend finished up our names just in time. I don’t know why we waited so long to get those ordered up—it’s not as if we were debating on … Read More


Eight years. I look forward to this little girl’s future, while at the same time I pine for her past. Which, I suppose, is all the more reason to work hard at living in the moment. I could go on and on with superlatives that describe Ouest, but at the … Read More

Kids Life

The kids found a cast net left behind in the dock locker and immediately added it to their arsenal. One two-minute Youtube video later Ouest was casting like an old pro. Lowe was still a little too small to get a good swing on it, so he’s sticking with his … Read More

Family in Florida

The daily routine here usually includes a trip to a nearby beach along the Tolomato River, if not out to the ocean beaches. They like to jump into the middle of the river and ride the current. Ali just shakes her head in disbelief of their bravery. On one of … Read More


While Uncle JJ was in town we went on over to the lighthouse. I don’t know what Lowe was doing, but I swear he wasn’t going to the bathroom in the corner. And from there we went to the fort in town. We’re going to have to start keeping the … Read More

Around the Marina

Still working on getting some teak work done. In typically American fashion, the guy we hired was told by the marina that he needed a million-dollar insurance policy. That delayed us a week. Nowhere else in the world would hiring someone to do this sort of work require anything like … Read More

Irma Misses

Friday we finished tying up the boat the way we wanted, closed the doors and crossed our fingers. That night we spent at a hotel next to the Jacksonville airport, and in the morning I said goodbye to the family as they flew off to visit Grammy. Our friends live … Read More

Hurricane Irma

We were only on the boat for two days before it became clear that Hurricane Irma was going to be a very real threat to us. By Tuesday, six days before the expected landfall, we were already scrambling to figure out our evacuation plan. Hotels were booked solid for over … Read More

A Grand New Home

Dropped off the Airstream at a storage space in Texas for the new owners to pick up in a few weeks. She was a good home for us the past year. Such a simple home—we didn’t have any issues. Replaced the tires, and that was it. There is a lot … Read More