Kids Life


The kids found a cast net left behind in the dock locker and immediately added it to their arsenal. One two-minute Youtube video later Ouest was casting like an old pro. Lowe was still a little too small to get a good swing on it, so he’s sticking with his pilfered crab traps for now (there are long abandoned traps hanging from every other dock cleat around here).

Petting a sea turtle.

First coat of about ten.

Lowe asked Ouest to help him write a note to the “Money Man.” He left it out that night with a little snack next to it and asked me, “Do you think there really is a money man?” I said that I was pretty sure there was not. He said, “Well, it doesn’t hurt to try.”

While Ouest can save up money forever, and eventually talks herself out of just about every purchase, Lowe can’t have two bucks in his pocket without needing to purge himself of it.

Worth noting: we discovered in the morning that there is no money man.

They’ve been swinging from this for a couple weeks, however, after this pic was taken Ouest was promptly deposited flat on her back in the water with a pile of loose rope on top of her.

Practicing meditation.

What was supposed to just be a little walk around a park, turned into a mud up to their knees with nowhere to wash up outing, instead.


11 Comments on “Kids Life”

  1. I had to explain to our #2 son that in order to take cash from an ATM machine, you first need to put it in!
    The kids sure have a great life.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Bums!
    Boy do I remember the shell beaches of Florida. I took a very similar picture near Appalachicola. Love that area.
    The kids really do lead a charmed life. Same with ours here on Maui. 😀

  3. I sure was hoping that note for the $Man worked. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t… but if it had I was prepared to drop Santa Claus. lol

  4. My first thought on scrolling over your shattered seashells shot was that it looked a lot like one of those National Geographic pics from about 500′ of poor people scavenging through a garbage dump in a third world country . . . colorful, beautiful in its own way, but deeply disturbing (the dump picture, not your sea shells :-)).


  5. I was totally going for the Money Man idea. So bummed for Lowe (and me!). Ouest looks like she’s 14 in some of these photos. Such long legs and her mother’s good looks.

  6. Pat, tell Lowe that the money man lives on If he comes up with a good enough story people will send him money. Money Man, one of the best lines I’ve read on this blog, thanks.

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