Kids Life


The kids found a cast net left behind in the dock locker and immediately added it to their arsenal. One two-minute Youtube video later Ouest was casting like an old pro. Lowe was still a little too small to get a good swing on it, so he’s sticking with his … Read More



Going up the mast is quite different on this boat, with a top-of-mast height of just twenty-four feet. We’ve been up there clearing all the old crap off. That big goofy round thing on top, that was performing the important task of gathering HD tv signals from the air to … Read More

Sliding Back Into Boat Life


Transitioning back to boat life has been pretty easy. The kids are happy—Lowe has said for years that he wanted to live on a boat, as he doesn’t really remember the last boat, other than through pictures. It rains like crazy in Florida this time of year, but the boat … Read More

The Boat Gods Smile


These two would totally ask each other to Homecoming right now. Grammy is doing fantastic after a hip replacement. I left Portland a couple days ahead of the rest of the gang, as my help was really no longer needed, and there were some projects on the boat that would … Read More

A Grand New Home


Dropped off the Airstream at a storage space in Texas for the new owners to pick up in a few weeks. She was a good home for us the past year. Such a simple home—we didn’t have any issues. Replaced the tires, and that was it. There is a lot … Read More

So This Happened


So, one day in Mexico City, a couple of weeks back, Ali and I started talking about what we wanted to do this next year. We had been planning on traveling around the Southwestern U.S., and popping down into Baja for a few months. But honestly, neither one of us … Read More