Going up the mast is quite different on this boat, with a top-of-mast height of just twenty-four feet. We’ve been up there clearing all the old crap off. That big goofy round thing on top, that was performing the important task of gathering HD tv signals from the air to stream the Today Show to all three televisions that were once hanging about the boat. Anyway, antennaes and tvs are gone. As is the ship’s radar, which would have been right where Lowe is standing. I never used radar on the other boats (Ali would use it occasionally for tracking ships when we were off around the world), and since we sold off the big chart plotters that were on the boat, there was no more use for a radar dome. An iPad and an insanely robust $50 charting app are all we use these days. The same basic system (a laptop and charts, wired to a gps) took us all over the place on the first two boats. Only difference back then was how expensive the charts were. Now, fifty bucks gets you charts from Chicago to South America.

I was thinking a crow’s nest on the radar platform would be a worthy addition to the boat.

The cardboard car and trailer eventually grew to include one for all of us.

Work in progress. Hired out work, to be more specific.

Veterans Day parade through downtown St. Augustine. That’s the co-author of arguably the greatest finance/lifestyle/psychology book ever written, Live on the Margin.

The two best spots on a cat, the trampolines, and the back step.

Is there anything better than a swimming cow having a drink?

Doll boat.


Best secretary ever.