Just in time for Christmas. Lowe managed to hold on to all of his teeth until they came out naturally—seems to imply that he is just better than his sister at protecting his face when he wipes out.

We went down to New Smyrna Beach for the big kite festival. Festival, it turns out, was maybe a bit of a misnomer. But that didn’t matter—there were kites, and a beach, and sun, and friends.

I don’t think we’ve ever been on a driving beach like this before. At least one that was basically a highway running between where you could sit, and where the water was. Nothing like yelling at your kids while they’re flying kites on the beach, “Watch out for cars!” As a tourist, just visiting, I thought it was cool, but I can’t imagine wanting that to be my normal beach experience.

Times like this I think, we must be doing something right. Dear Santa. A spy decoder—Ouest likes books with puzzles that you use a decoder ring type thing. So, that’s like five bucks, Santa. Then, a blank line—on NUMBER TWO! Ouest couldn’t for the life of her think of anything else to ask for. Present #3, continuing on the theme of not wanting anything, Santa can just bring her a surprise. My kids kill me. When I was Ouest’s age my Sears catalog list would have been going on five pages, single-spaced.

Still coming along. First couple coats are on.

We’re usually in Mexico for Thanksgiving, so never really give it any thought. This year we decided to show the kids what it was about. Some good food, and some reflection on what we all have to be thankful for.

You can see a pile of fire extinguishers in this picture. Someone pointed out that in one of our photos, a couple weeks back, they saw an extinguisher that had been recalled. We looked it up, and sure enough, all but one of ours was recalled. We called Kidde and they are sending us replacements for all of them, free of charge. Awesome for us, considering we would have had to replace them just based on their age, anyway.

Day one of the CruiseRO watermaker install. Hung the membranes, mapped out where everything else would go, and slapped a coat of paint on the shelves. Losing a couple milk crates worth of storage space, but it’s a small trade off for making 30+ gallons of water an hour.


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  1. Pat, If you felt like doing the varnishing yourself would you have had to provide additional insurance like your contractor did? Is there a guideline to what maintenance is allowed on your berth, if so what is it? It just seems so totally foreign to me as a kiwi,

    1. Not sure. The marina has policies and they showed them to our teak guy, so maybe they have them for anyone doing work at the dock. I’m sure they discourage it from being done but would look the other way.

  2. love it …my gyrls were ALWAYS trying to paint my nails!!!!!
    GOODONYA….making magic everyday in everyday tasks and routine….

  3. Gee, I have 5 kiddie extinguishers on the Rose. Yet another project, but thanks for posting that… Always love the photo’s great composition. Have fun Bum’s

    1. Sorry about another project but it does feel good to get them all set up again. Even the one in our truck got replaced. That recall was huge.

  4. You’ll love the CruiseRO watermaker. On our boat we have only one membrane and still frequently get 20 gallons per hour. We sometimes gave water to other boats in the Caribbean.

    1. Awesome. We are going to need it, we are careless on the water conserving issue and starved for time on the going to get water when out.

  5. Hi guys, long time no comment…still enjoying your blog and your photos…

    Quick question –
    Have you guys always had sea legs or is it something you acquired? I’m pretty terrible on boats. But one can dream…


    1. Hi Karie, it’s good to hear from you. I guess we have always had sea legs, being on a moving ship has never bothered us. Ouest had gotten sick most times on our monohull, so she gets Dramamine before we head out. But you can tell they are both boat kids by watching them get on and off the boat or dinghy. Hands-free or full of toys, they are experts.

  6. Ever hear “all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”? It’s funny about those teeth, When my son’s friend lost hist first tooth my son was all against loosing teeth. He just wasn’t going to loose his. Now that all his friends are loosing their teeth, he can’t wait. Love the post. But you didn’t mention what your kids said about turkey instead of tacos?

    1. Neither of the kids are crazy about loosing their teeth, I just care because Lowe hadn’t been eating for days with those dangling front teeth. Yuck. They would have preferred tacos! Me too.

  7. Speaking of tacos… have you guys hit up Nalu’s taco stand over by the Surf Station? Not bad for Florida!

  8. Love seeing Ali cook. Remember when you said the only thing in your fridge was ketchup pkgs from McDonalds. The kids are precious

    1. Hi Sherri, I remember at our wedding shower everyone joked that they were going to get me a crockpot – and then I never got one and still don’t! Now it is all about the Instant Pot…now to avoid that “gimmick”. 😉

  9. My oldest is 23. Her Christmas list has always been a mile long from the time she was old enough to write. My youngest is 20. He never wants anything. When he was little, he’d ask for nothing more than a pack of gum and then he’d hate the gum! I’ve begged him to give me a couple ideas for this Christmas and he said he just can’t think of anything.

    Love the pictures!

  10. Wonderful Thanksgiving. Your family has so much to be thankful for. Always enjoy keeping up with your life. So thankful that you came into our lives when you were on the Great Race in Arizona.

  11. Pat —

    You’ve done a great service giving your readers a heads up about the Kidde fire extinguisher recall.

    For those who are interested, Kidde has the details and instructions here —

    We’re in the process right now aboard Onward and it’s straight-forward and easy. It takes a bit of time gathering up your extinguishers, but it’s also a great exercise to refresh the crew’s minds so they know immediately where their extinguishers are in case of emergency.

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