We’ve always got “garbage” piled up next to the dock locker that the kids use to build different things. It’s gotten to the point around here that our neighboring boats are even dropping off their boxes for our kids to use.

By day three I had everything pretty well assembled on the watermaker. Need to finish running a line back to the water tanks, hook up the raw water, and tee into an overboard drain for the brine water, but other than that it’s pretty much a done deal. The hoses and fittings they sent with this thing made it so easy. At thirty gallons an hour I should even be able to keep that twenty gallon hot water heater topped off.

The kids have been building a lot of strollers out of boxes and skateboards, and then taking everyone with them for walks.

And of course, fairy houses are everywhere.

Apparently, this is Ali’s idea of a sexy bathroom mirror selfie. Okay, actually she was just cleaning out thirty years of dust from the cabinet where the fan is located. It almost certainly has never been opened before. But she wasn’t going to paint the bathroom and then have dust everywhere, so, we’re all cleaned up.

We aren’t wine drinkers, but when dinner preparations call for it…

It seems that we have Bum friends that work in every conceivable business related to boats. Hand-carved boat names? Yep.

Going to look nice on here.


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  1. Looks like everythings moving along nicely, you’ll be out of there before you know it!
    The kids pictures are priceless!!!
    I Love the picture with you and The wine bottle!!!

  2. My Dad and I used to open wine that way too at his house in the UP. I don’t know why I never thought to leave a wine opener there. But the screw and pliers always worked.

  3. If you’re looking for possible boat signs, look this guy up in the old part of St. Augustine. We’ve had a number of signs made by him. Handcrafted, reasonable, and quick (2 hours if not during the Christmas rush).

    1. Thanks, Andy. I remember those places for making signs for our family cabins in Minnesota. RVers use them as well at their camp spots. Not sure they would hold up in boat life but would try if we were in a bind.

    1. Craft popsicle sticks and kids washable glue. The kids and I aren’t allowed to use the super glue. There was a past incident. 🙂

  4. The opening of the wine bottle is a pretty sad case. I hope it wasn’t MadDog 20/20 (if you know what that is).

  5. Hi again from Scotland! Sorry if an often asked question – do the family have to undergo compulsory education where you come from – and how do you cope with it? They are obviously happy, healthy and intelligent! Happy 2018!

    1. Hi Daphne, In the U.S. each state has their own guidelines. Since we have our address listed as Minnesota, we must have them registered as Homeschoolers and send in paperwork and the kids are to be tested yearly.

  6. Those knees are of a man that owns a boat! ha! Got a pair just like’m. I have gone to wearing long pants with an extra layer of denim sewn into the knees. That little extra is quite helpful. “Take care of your knees, you’re gunna need’em when you get older!” Kurt V.

    The images that you capture of your young’uns, catapult me back in time. Thank you!


  7. WOW that fresh water system looks impressive..what did it cost?? What’s the temp there?? the ocean looks cold!!

  8. As someone who has lived full time in an RV for five years now, I can only dream of the luxury of a “water maker.” Gotta love the energy of a living space that contains “fairy houses.” I think I want one in my Winnie. 😉

  9. Regarding the fire extinguishers I told you about, my new ones came today so your’s should be along soon. Frankly I thought it would take forever but they seem to be living up to their promise.

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