Christmas. What is there to say? Kids open presents. Kids play with new toys. Kids move on, and everyone begins talking about next Christmas. We did  have a nice time. The kids gave Grammy their painted pottery gifts, and they got everything on their Santa Claus lists. The last minute … Read More


Okay, so obviously we’ve updated the layout of the website a bit. If you are reading this you were smart enough to click the picture on the home page. Congratulations! You are smarter than all of your friends who aren’t reading this right this minute. It’d been three years since … Read More

Seattle Tourists

I’ve said it a million times, but it’s true, that when you live this wandering lifestyle the world gets smaller. Case in point, the other day we got to meet up with our friends from Mali Mish who we last saw in Santa Barbara about a year ago. We also … Read More


I was born to a sixteen-year-old girl—she’d turn seventeen in the hospital two days after giving birth. She was smart, pretty, from a decent family that loved their kids, and completely unprepared to be a teen mother. She’d known from the start that she couldn’t keep me. She had managed … Read More