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We left the Airstream behind at the campground and headed into Mexico City. As much as we love bringing our own home with us everywhere, there are just some places where that isn’t possible. Now, if someone would open up a campground in downtown DF (Distrito Federal), I’d be grateful, but that’s not likely any time soon, so instead we rented a 1-bedroom condo 3 blocks from the zócalo, and moved in.

We immediately took to the streets. It’s pretty much our favorite thing to do here—just walk the streets, eat something, walk some more, find a little plaza with a playground, walk some more, hit up a museum, and walk some more. Mexico City has that perfect mix of historic beauty and inner city neglect that I just love. Even the condo we rented is a perfect blend—1920s art-deco, complete with a manually operated elevator.

I used to think Mexico was always a couple years behind on the latest U.S. fads—like with the chihuahuas—but the fidget spinner craze seems to be keeping pace with the States quite well.

We spend every minute that we’re inside the condo staring out these windows.


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  1. After staying just off the zocalo for 3 months, I’m back in the States for a bit. But I expect to be back in the Fall, doing pretty much the same as you guys. I work varying hours, then go out walking around, stopping to eat and look at gorgeous buildings. That’s pretty much what the city is made for.

    Although, it does have some really great museums. And it doesn’t hurt that some are even free, at least on certain days.

    When I go back, I’ll probably spend quite a bit of time exploring the rest of the country. But I really love that city, and I cannot wait to get back to the food.

    Anyway, hope y’all have a fabulous time.

    1. Yes we love the city — we just wander around. The kids know the streets pretty well already and it amazes us how comfortable they are. Yes we are stopping by museums daily – the kids are always free. Sorry we just missed you!

  2. Fidget spinners are eveywhere, I don’t get it… Mexico City is a gem and I look forward to more pictures and adventures…

    1. Nope do not get those spinners. So you take away their cellphones and they need something to keep their fingers busy. Just great.

  3. Ken and I loved Mexico City especially the Anthropology Museum. But admittedly, at times the sheer number of people in Mexico City overwhelmed us a bit. Love all the pictures!

    1. Hoping to hit that museum this week. That Chapultepec Park is somewhat of a pain in our butt. Almost too large (without car/bikes/scooters) – we enjoy walking but man that place can get you turned around some times.

  4. How great that your family gets to experience the best of both worlds, camping and condo living! Is it economical and easy to find? Curious about the cost for a month. No lease involved I’d imagine.

    1. We found our place on airbnb (and our place we stayed in two years ago as well). It is the start of the rainy season (low season) so we asked for an additional discount as we booked less than 2 weeks before arrival. No lease. Highly recommend this location and host.

  5. fidget spinners=pet rocks altho I agree they are an offshoot of cellphones. Your kids are beautiful and so healthy looking! Couldn’t have a better life.

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