We’ve known forever about this town/neighborhood/borough just a little ways out of downtown Mexico City called Xochimilco. It’s famous for its man-made canals built thousands of years ago when Mexico City was still a lake. On Sunday the families of Mexico City flood down there to hop on the trajineras … Read More


Our favorite Mexican in history, Frida Kahlo. No Mexico City stay of ours is complete without a visit to Frida’s house, Casa Azul. And, obviously, we’re not alone. Fortunately, we bought tickets in advance. When trying to teach a young girl to be strong, smart, independent, unique, creative, and self-confident, … Read More

Around DF

Police are everywhere in Mexico City (DF), all the time, and every once in a while you walk along into a scene like this. Not having a clue what is going on, we tend to simply turn around and find a different way to get where we’re going. Despite, or … Read More

Cops and Hawkers

About two blocks west of the Zocalo in the Centro Historic neighborhood of Mexico City the sidewalk markets start up. Somehow, these are totally illegal, but they run all day long despite cops being all over the place. Kids with walkie-talkies stand on street corners, some up in the air … Read More

Mexican Religion

Who knows, it could be their calling in life. Somehow we keep ending up at the only places in Mexico with rules. We went to the amusement park inside Chapultepec Park (think Central Park) and were told we couldn’t bring our camera in, so we took Ouest’s and didn’t use … Read More

Diego Rivera

A couple more days of just wandering the streets of Mexico City. Every few blocks there seems to be a Diego Rivera mural to go see. My kids’ fidget spinners. I’m looking for a business partner to help me with distribution in the U.S. Another fidget spinner. The guy says … Read More

Lucha Libre

A couple random days in Mexico City. We already had plans to go to the Lucha Libre (wrestling) match that night, so when we went to the park in the afternoon and spotted a autograph signing going on at a wrestler owned torta restaurant, how could we resist? Before we … Read More

La Condesa

Zip-lining using whatever few toys they can scrounge up. When we leave our home behind, we travel light. The kids each packed their small backpacks with books and toys. It’s not much to entertain them for a month, which leaves them to get creative. We were all excited for Laura … Read More

Temples Old and New

A lot of people who visit Mexico City stay in the outlying neighborhoods, but we always prefer to be right in Centro. We walk out the door and are immediately surrounded by interesting history, food, architecture, and people. After a couple of weeks in big cities we start to pine … Read More

Chapultepec Castle

The LatinoAmericana building stands alone in the Old Town Centro area of Mexico City. We’ve got a great view of it just a couple blocks from our condo, but we also enjoy popping up to the top for the view whenever we are here. Not sure how Mexico City ended … Read More

City Life

We left the Airstream behind at the campground and headed into Mexico City. As much as we love bringing our own home with us everywhere, there are just some places where that isn’t possible. Now, if someone would open up a campground in downtown DF (Distrito Federal), I’d be grateful, … Read More

Adiós USA

You know what I’ve always found to be the best predictor of our readiness to return to our “normal” life back in Mexico? The number of photos we take. When the daily photo count drops precipitously it is time to get back on the road. Nothing against Portland, and certainly … Read More