La Condesa

Zip-lining using whatever few toys they can scrounge up. When we leave our home behind, we travel light. The kids each packed their small backpacks with books and toys. It’s not much to entertain them for a month, which leaves them to get creative.

We were all excited for Laura and Almanzo to get married.

We went over to the Condesa neighborhood to poke around, and we finally found where all the big park money is being spent. Not so much on kids’ parks, though they did have a couple nice new ones, but mainly on dogs. A dog park to rival any other. And then across the street, the dogs also took over a second area that probably included an epic battle between those with children who wanted to ride bikes and skateboards, and animals that wanted to chase balls. The kids lost.

The parks in Centro Historico are pretty rundown affairs, but you move on out to these fancy outlying neighborhoods and, wow.

We were both in need of a haircut, and this place had a couple empty seats as we walked by. It was about ten bucks each, which is about four times our normal rate, but it was worth it just to watch this guy spend 40 minutes sculpting Lowe’s hair. His usual haircut involves maybe eight snips of the scissors—this one however, was done by an ar-teeest.

Cigar box guitar.